In {Astral} Space, No One Can Hear You Edit.

A variety of edits have been completed this week, all of them space themed. Space and astral space. Planar space, possibly. Some fresh renders, some typos, some art tweaks. It’s pretty significant stuff in context; moreso than the previous edit.

From the changelog:

In space, no one can hear you edit. Changes to leitmotif -26-, incursion -1-, incursion -2-, incursion -3-, incursion -4-, incursion -7-, friction -7-, friction -8-, friction -9-, and friction -10-. A few minor edits, a couple of reshoots, and a couple of rewrites that are also a thunderously huge reworking of a comparatively minor plot point. The story now transitions cleanly from greyscale and some minor characters have a bit more character.

I also got rid of a fuck.

The {Astral} Space Edit

In addition to the foul language I squelched an art error that had been on screen since 2006, and a technical error that was introduced in the second edition. I caught a couple of errors that have been around for a combined total of thirteen years, the same week I noticed a different typo that’s been world-facing since 2006. Happy holidays, etc.

Per the proposal, the point of this leg of the edit was the style transition between Dead City Radio and The Dualist and the elimination of one of the remaining Worst Panels Ever. I also dipped into DCR and replaced a shot of the Hemera that’s been making me groan for years. A lot of work, but not nearly as much as the Charger Edit. That’s everything that was planned and a lot of related stuff that wasn’t, and it brings the total number of edits to 23 pages.

Next week: I have no idea. Maybe some other low-hanging fruit, if I can think of anything. I’ve gotten rid of everything that was bugging me, so it’s time to come up with a new list. Or maybe it’s time to finally work on the script.