Among the Chosen is…

A study of the long-term effects of reincarnation on the individual and society.

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20,000 years ago, seven individuals destroyed the entire human race. This is their story.

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David Cronenberg’s No Country for Old Robotech.

Wait, what?

You heard me.

No, really.

Among the Chosen is a series of graphic novels exploring themes of identity and institutional incompetence in a framework of cyberpunk-adjacent space opera. Major influences include Appleseed and The Wire. The comic is a full-spectrum portfolio for the artist, showcasing scripting, layouts, the integration of 2d line art with 3d environments, long-form storytelling, pipeline development, and long-term project management.


Life out there began here. Approximately 22,000 years ago, a large number of Homo Sapiens and a broad variety of terrestrial flora and fauna were removed from the Earth by entities unknown via methods unknown. The “emigrated” organisms were genetically augmented to withstand higher levels of radiation and the long-term effects of microgravity to a far greater extent than modern Terrestrial Humans. Following a massive “Technological Extinction-Level Event,” non-Terrestrial Humanity has re-evolved to the level of an interstellar society, with a technology level roughly ten years behind to five hundred years ahead of their terrestrial counterparts. The Human diaspora inhabits dozens of worlds and thousands of star systems, the nearest of which is several thousand light-years from Sol. While a detailed comparison of the genetic records of stellar Humanity and its “meta-Human” offshoots has conclusively proved a single point of origin for the species, at the time the story begins no conclusive point of origin has been established.

Other major bits are addressed in the glossary.

About dmh

dmh is a freelance media developer with a degree in computer animation and a background in motion graphics. Following the completion of Transitional Voices in October of 2016, dmh left Pittsburgh and is presently wandering about in search of the ultimate answer to the question of Life, The Universe, and Everything.