Poor Impulse Control: The Naomi Edit

While this weeks edit is going up a couple of days later than planned it is fortunately shorter and wasn’t subject to the sprawl that engulfed the Charger Edit. The Naomi Edit came in on time and on budget – I threw the back half of a work session at it and cleaned up the proposed panel as well as the shots that came to mind after the gun editing photoshopathon recalibrated my priorities for this editing pass.

From the changelog:

Poor Impulse Control: The Naomi Edit. Changes to reentry -10-, transition -6-, briefing -2-, briefing -3-, and insertion -13-. This edit fixes Naomi’s most off-model appearances and replaces one bit of bad cinematography with one bit of better cinematography.

While other panels were edited, the focus was on upgrading the Daedalus shot and tweaking Naomi as much as my present concept of consistency will allow for – enough to look good but not enough to necessitate redoing the rest of the page or the rest of the scene. Here’s what the bigger changes look like:

The Naomi Edit

Like the Charger Edit the focus was on upgrading some of the worst art in the comic; panels that make me throw up in my mouth a little every time I see them. The stuff that’s impossible to look at; the kind of art that’s holding this thing back. Well, NO MORE! Now that the most egregious instances of Beef and Naomi have been fixed it’s time to move on to the structural edits that formed the core of the proposal I made a couple of weeks ago.