Maxine Boe

Maxine’s employment status is convoluted – a civilian volunteer to the Heirotus carbon computing program, she was implanted with an IKON-7 symbiote and then assigned to the ICG carbon pool. After that she was assigned to deep space cartography, then the Hemera, then the Hemera was leased by Heirotus… making her a Heirotus-assigned ICG employee assigned to Heirotus. While the tax forms are a pain in the ass and medical maintenance paperwork is a nightmare, the job itself is a simple one – staying mentally fit while acting as a 24/7 Rational Coordinator for all silicon-based systems aboard the Hemera.

Steve Collins

The Hemera‘s helmsman, Steve’s chief duty aboard ship is steering the damned thing. As he doesn’t get to do it much and doesn’t get to do it often, he was the first ICG crew member to succumb to cabin fever. At the time of his appearance, Steve is doped to the gills on mood stabilizers and spends almost all of his time reading or jogging around the torus.

Ed Horstmann

Deep range cartography is hardly a prime assignment for a talented Navigator. Talented Navigators run courier missions, recon missions, combat operations and warships. The more talented individuals can write their own ticket and have their pick of assignments – and perks, within reason. The truly gifted Navigators spend more time in the docking queue than they do in space. Ed isn’t at the top of that list. He’s nowhere near it, in fact. Capable of a 0.5 submersion with booster drugs, Ed meets the famously lenient minimum depth requirement for ICG Navigators. He occasionally puts his bare minimum talent to bare minimum use, flipping off General Relativity and hauling the ship into Am whenever the job requires it. Which is just often enough to keep him in the second-lowest bonus bracket for flight pay.

Martin Oberst

Chief Engineer of the Hemera and the only ICG employee assigned to vehicle maintenance, Martin has spent the vast majority of the deployment training combat-ready Addicaines in the fine art of keeping a deep-range spacecraft running.

Captain Helenna Spenc

Interstellar Cartography Group Captain and Commander, ICG Hemera.

Favoring a sedate, hands-off style of command and all but immune to the the mental stress of deep-range long duration cartographic deployments, Captain Spenc has made a career out of cat-herding the cartographers, engineers and technicians that typically crew ICG vessels. Being on loan to Heirotus has made her irritable, and she views the Addicaine group’s relentless, regimented approach to optimization and efficiency as a threat to her slow-and-easy command of the Hemera. Over the course of the cruise she’s developed a bi-polar personality – laid back with the ICG personnel and a total control freak with the Heirotus-assigned crew.

Samantha Spokes

A seasoned ICG cartographer, Samantha has spent virtually her entire adult life in ICG ships and chart rooms, running various types of observation equipment and collating massive amounts of observation data to help humanity get a better picture of the galaxy it inhabits.

According to ICG doctrine, as senior cartographer and senior crew member Samantha can override Captain Spenc. Along with the captain, she is second to Greg Auriga regarding Heirotus directives. While Jo Young is technically in the Heirotus chain of command, she works under Samantha and heeds her expert advice and guidance regarding DR-HRD imaging results.