20141221, 18:49 – The second part of the Space Edit – the {Astral} part. I threw out most of the old page and built a new one from parts. New 3d renders from old files; an extensively photoshopped Grij; the elimination of several panels and reforging of visual continuity and the addition of a HAND OF DOOM. I’d go into more detail but it’s time to re-script and I need to eat first – my brain has run out of gas. Bigtime.

It’s a good thing this bit of the plot is practically self-contained – major changes here don’t really ripple out beyond “goes to character.”

The big script difference: THERE ARE NOW WORDS. Words that firmly place Grij in the middle dropship and acknowledge the new HAND OF DOOM.

Second Edition Metadata

20090823 (33) – Cropped the hell out of two and three as well as a bit of five. Not one of my better pages, and consequently one I just kind of breezed through, rather than spending a good amount of time on. Gotta avoid the temptation to redraw panel five!

Also, I think it’s about dinner time.

20090910 (21) – Webscaled.


  • A longtime friend of the West family, Blackwater is a powerful biomagneticist from the Terran pocket universe of Alleste. The nature of their business relationship allows for West to call on his services whenever...

  • The ranking officer aboard HX-47 Sabrosa, Grij is the supervisor and final authority for all paramilitary field operations and training in which the vessel is assigned. The former Director of Applied Psionics Research for...

Glossary Articles

  • Astral Space

    A cognitively-informed plane of perception, Astral Space is a blanket term applied to Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, and other forms of cognitive or psychic non-corporeal translocation in which the physical location of the characters...

  • U-238 (Loki)

    The Barghosa Aerospace Utility Aerospacecraft Model 238 (U-238 or “Loki”) is an airframe that sucks well at everything. While inferior to purpose-built attack, transport, electronic warfare and even cargo vehicles, the fact that the...