Expert Technologies

Founded by Judas Lang almost immediately after he left Heirotus, Expert Technologies Limited (ETL) dominates the recreational genetics and carbon computing markets. While ETLs’ primary business is the medical and recreational manipulation of the human genome, the company has also taken an interest in advanced electronics, ballistics, and various heavy lift technologies.

ETL was sued by Heirotus immediately after its first patent filing. The case was settled in ETL’s favor prior to discovery.


Heirotus is the galaxy’s premiere manufacturer of mass abstraction hardware, a leader in carbon computing and genetic engineering, and the sole manufacturer of the Biomagnetic Transfer System (BTS), humanity’s first entirely synthetic means of FTL travel. The company originally specialized in academic research until a crucial discovery in the early 1960s generated a massive patent portfolio, making Heirotus founder and sole shareholder Brandon James the richest man in the galaxy.

Premiere Landscaping

PLAMPT (Premiere Landscaping and Manure Processing Technologies) is a waste treatment and disposal corporation headquartered in Morgan Bay, Helios. Originally centered on the landscaping market, the fledgling PLAMPT quickly realized that the enormous demand for high quality fertilizer both planet-side and in space hydroponics presented golden opportunities in the waste extraction, processing, compaction and storage markets. In 451 PLAMPT introduced the COMMANDER series of self-contained bacteria-powered commodes and urinals, available in zero-gravity and gravity-assisted variants.