20141221, 12:08 – The Hemera edit. More realistic stars and canonical FTL, as well as the art transition from greyscale (DCR and “the past,” or ATC prior to Year Of The Story 2002) to color. Due to poor construction decisions in 2009 this isn’t just slapping on layer effects; I’ll be rebuilding the star field and nebula.

12:55 – Reassembled and desaturated. Rebuild the nebula, rebuilt the star field. They’re separate animals now. Copied from here into the rest of the pages that are being edited.

Second Edition Metadata

If I decide to make formatting changes to titling, it’ll probably be when I’m well into production and struggling with aesthetics for the first page of chapter two or three or four or whatever – at which point I’ll come back and alter this accordingly.

Discounting the previous page – the Incursion title card – this is the first of a short list of Brand New Pages created for the Second Edition of The Dualist.

Lotta uppercase in that sentence, wasn’t there?

For serious. Incursion was going to be a pile of new material, but after some serious soul-searching (okay, more like “want that but it doesn’t GO THERE ANYMORE”), a couple of pages of TD1EC0 will be making an updated appearance.

Most of this introduction is already in the bag. The holdup will be pages five and six, which need linework, and my tendency to tweak, tweak, tweak the hell out of pages again and again and again. I haven’t actually done anything with the existing pages for a couple of weeks, so that’s a good sign – with any luck, this section of the story will be out of the gate in early December and I’ll be well into the 2E of Signal before January.

I’d say I’d be tearing into Convergence or Reentry by then, but that’s unrealistic – ALL of the major problems I have with TD1E are in the first half of the story, and some of the biggest are in Signal, so while I expect things to proceed quickly compared to the story’s original deployment, I’m not pegging my hopes on a rapid deployment.

More on the Hemera tomorrow – I’d upload the next three pages now, but I want to give them a final once-over, proof them in CMYK, see if anything needs final tweaks, etceteras.

Glossary Articles

  • GSU-1921.5

    A gas giant near the very edge of validated ICG charts, and the observation point from which the initial surveys of GSV, GSW, and GSX were made. In 1997, the Heirotus-leased ICG survey ship...

  • Hemera

    The Hemera is a Discovery class deep-range cartography vessel constructed by the Interstellar Cartography Group and leased to Heirotus, officially assigned to chart grid GSV and parts of grid GSU. The base Discovery hull...