Edits: This time it’s war.

It isn’t, actually. I’m just CONTINUING THE THEME established in the last post. This time I’ve made a few concise edits to Earth, fixing another Worst Panel Ever and a couple of Worst Pages Ever.

The panel is the fifth of Earth 27; the pages were Earth 32 and Earth 33.

I also broke with eleven years of tradition and capitalized all page names earlier this week, which means I’ve technically edited EVERYTHING. They were capitalized with CSS (.type-comic .entry-header h1 { text-transform: capitalize; }) but that didn’t effect the <title> attribute. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Here’s what the new stuff looks like, in a fashion that shows off how awful the old stuff was:

The Space Edit (Part II)

See page metadata for commentary; I think I did an okay job of explaining the rationale for the edits there.

That’s all for now, I think. Most of the remaining Worst Panels Ever and Worst Pages Ever need more than quick and easy surgery. I think we’re done with haircuts; it’s on to plastic surgery and prosthetics and we’re back around to the point where moving forward might actually be less effort than iterating the existing work.

Next week: I still have no idea. These fixes would have been up on Sunday but it’s The Holidays which means The Death Of Work. The Silence of the Clients translates into a solid week or two of Sundays rather I want them or not and I really, really don’t. Maybe I’ll do some more invasive edits, maybe I’ll fix some other pages that are bugging me. We’ll see.