The Beefmobile

Descended from detailed scans of an American sedan and custom built aboard Kolg Saerai Orbital, the Beefmobile has more in common with an MRAP than the stock police cruiser it’s camouflaged as. The beefmobile has been refit with bulletproof glass, a mine-resistant undercarriage, an armored firewall and doors, after-market suspension, a Templar-issue communications device, and an offworld nuclear/hydrocarbon hybrid engine.

These modifications, along with Beef Knuckleback himself, were procured in order to fulfill the Waking God Protocols.

Dessau GC-2

The Dessau GC-2 Electric Truck is an overgrown golf cart in Templar service in April, 2002. It has the tail number BMCM-04 and plate number 422-004. Key features include four cushioned seats, bench bed seating, long battery life and a woefully inaccurate speedometer.

Templar Heavy Truck

At some point during the 30 years between his Soviet military service and the events of Dead City Radio, Greymalkin acquired a number of Russian-built heavy trucks. The question of whether these vehicles are Russian military surplus or were redirected into Templar garages through back channels is left as an exercise for the reader.