Comic Changelog

20190516 – Fixed a typographical error in Callback -7-.

20170609 – Fixed a typographical error in Leitmotif -28-.

20170113 – The “mastering” pass. An edit so massive that I enabled tag support for custom post types and tagged all 231 edited pages instead of listing them here. That’s roughly a third of the comic, folks. Edits range from typo corrections to minor tweaks to shirt logo removal to full-blown rewrites. I changed Thad’s personality as much as I possibly could without scrapping The Dualist completely, and West and Raven are a little less acidic. A couple of continuity errors have been fixed, and some legacy writing quirks that have been annoying me for years have been erased. Most of the edits made during the summer of 2016 formed the scaffolding of this edit and could be considered part of it.

I feel like these books are as complete as they’re going to get. Barring typos or some other as-yet-unrevealed issue, this “trilogy” of ATC stories is now, at long last, ready.

Dead City Radio, The Dualist, and Transitional Voices are provisionally complete.

Share and enjoy.

20161006, 16:23 – Life, The Universe, and Editing. This edit spans 42 pages and features vehicle badge removal, weapon charging handle relocation, alternate reality de-Englishing, and a number of minor adjustments to shirts and line art. Changes were made to Target -1-, Target -2-, Target -3-, Target -9-, Target -10-, Target -11-, Target -12-, Target -13-, Target -14-, Target -15-, Target -16-, Target -17-, Target -20-, Control -2-, Control -3-, Guide -14-, Reentry -4-, Reflex -8-, Reflex -9-, Reflex -15-, Reflex -18-, Descent -1-, Descent -2-, Descent -3-, Descent -12-, Descent -13-, Descent -14-, Descent -15-, Descent -21-, Descent -22-, Insertion -1-, Insertion -2-, Insertion -4-, Insertion -11-, Insertion -13-, Interstitial, Interstitial -3-, Earth -40-, Earth -41-, Earth -42-, Water -16-, and Water -21-.

20160908, 20:52Dyluck‘s scar now appears consistently throughout The Dualist and Transitional Voices. Minor edits to Distortion -4-, -5-, -6-, -7-, -8-, -9-, Control -5-, -6-, -7-, -8-, Cage -1-, Gate -3-, -4-, -5-, -6-, -7-, -8-, Guide -6-, Light -8-, Light -9-, Reflex -13-, Reflex -17-, and Water -7-.

20160908, 19:00 – Added a previously cut detail to Xand’s spacesuit in Air -21-, Air -27-, and Air -41-.

20160828, 09:17 – Visual continuity edits to Fire -12- and Fire -13-. See page metadata for details.

20160826, 11:48 – A massive visual continuity edit, in two parts. First, QARrections to the QAR. Every single panel it appears in has been re-rendered with improved lighting and cognitively harmonious and location-agnostic textures. Incursion -5-, Incursion -6-, Incoming -1-, Incoming -2-, Incoming -3-, the (back) cover of Motion, Priorities -1-, Priorities -2-, Priorities -3-, Priorities -4-, Priorities -5-, Priorities -6-, Priorities -7-, Priorities -8-, the QAR panel of Reflex -1-, the QAR panels of Water -7-, Water -8-, and Water -9- have all been upgraded. Second, I have also generated a couple of corrections to bring the airbase in line with its final appearance in Transitional Voices – a 1-pixel thread of antenna was removed from panel one of Details -5-, and the placeholder Epiphany cargo bay door in panel one of Details -16- was swapped out for the real thing, which is very relevant to todays page.

20160807, 15:29 – Another round of repairs to Air -21-, Air -25-, Air -27-, Air -36-, Air -37-, and Air -41-. The cargo bay lighting has been upgraded to match the lighting for the final scene of Fire and every panel featuring the bay has been re-rendered. In the process I wound up finding and fixing another rendering error – between this pass and the last that’s a total of two, on the same page. At this point I think this scene is as fixed as it can possibly get.

20160803, 19:03 – Yesterday I upgraded the shuttlepod seats from basic L-shaped office chairs that had been patched to accommodate spacesuits into proper spacecraft seating designed from the ground up to accommodate a person wearing a spacesuit backpack. Today I followed up the design change with a re-render of every appearance of the pod, making changes to Air -21-, Air -25-, Air -27-, Air -36-, Air -37-, and Air -41-. This is the third time through the wringer for some of these pages – everything should be in order now.

20160324, 15:18 – Discovered a chunk of the rec area was out of alignment while setting up the first shot of TV 4.22. The flaw crept in at some point after panel three of TV 3.25 and was visible in a total of eleven panels, necessitating re-renders and repair work to Air -27-, Air -28-, Air -36-, Air -37-, Air -39-, and Air -40-. I never would have noticed it if I had started rendering with the “final” environment that’s on file, as that version is fine. Instead, I picked up from the last appearance of the rec area as the “live” version has a couple of fixes and lighting adjustments that haven’t made back into the filing cabinet.

20160317, 20:01 – I added some padding to the pod seats, necessitating corrections to Air -27-, Air -36-, and Air -37-.