The Waking God Protocols

The Waking God Protocols (full title The Waking God Protocols : Human History & What You Can Do About It) is a Templar operations manual written by Judas Lang. A loosely structured collection of essays, reports, historical findings and diatribes peppered with technical diagrams and DNA sequences, the book claims to reveal the true origins of the human race, details the war the humans fought for independence from the overseers, claims that the extinct alien race will return and lays out a series of methods and means for preparing humanity for the coming war.

A mish-mash of initiatic ideology interwoven with Lang’s recall of events experienced through his psychometric “read” of MBO-2, the document has some basis in the historical record but is otherwise considered to be the post-traumatic ramblings of a lunatic. Despite near universal disregard for Lang’s core thesis, the recruitment methods presented in the text are considered by many to be a valid means of creating situations that maneuver potential Templar candidates into discovering and approaching the organization without directly divulging its existence or purpose.

The book is harshly critical of Heirotus founder Brandon James, and floridly describes the ordeals Lang suffered while being held to his consulting contract by Martin Rand despite having suffered a near-total mental collapse. Lang states that the Templar must never behave in such a coercive and dehumanizing fashion under any circumstances, and claims that the methods laid out in the WGP are intended to achieve similar results through harmonious, mutually beneficial means.

High priority is given to the discovery of humans whose energy signatures are required to reactivate the weapon that destroyed the overseers (and the majority of the human race) 20,000 years ago, though Lang flatly states that he doesn’t know if the weapon still exists – or that it will function if it does. The manual contains a lengthy essay regarding the best practices for handling such a person in the event of their discovery by Templar – a discourse that ultimately boils down to “report in and wait for instructions.”

All localized Templar operations manuals have a lodgemaster comment in place of an author credit, intended as a one-line “executive summary” of the contents of the manual as they relate to the lodge. Greymalkin’s comment on the 1995 Rhodhe-to-English machine translation of the WGP operations manual – May Cause Liver Damage – is considered by many to be the most accurate comment ever attached to the work.