The Charger is a rusted, barely-working 1960s muscle car driven by Ornix Khan. While the vehicle is a fairly effective bludgeon, Ornix isn’t above trading up for a vehicle that gets better mileage when the need arises.

Development Notes: The Charger was originally a 1970s Lincoln. When the time came to flesh out The Dualist a suitable 3d model could not be found for Details -20- and -21-; a 2002 model was used instead, as that model year was period-appropriate for The Dualist. The Charger was eventually sourced from Turbosquid (listing later removed) for Observer Effect. It was decided that the vehicle was something that Ornix would stick with and it was added to Details when that scene was re-rendered and redrawn. The Lincoln-esque scribbling in Suction was later edited to conform roughly to the Charger layout. These changes are documented with a before-and-after image in a blog post.