20120418, 16:37 – Environment set up earlier this week; committed to the design early this morning and went to bed with the primary render rolling. Tweaks on wakeup, followed by assembly and tweaks to a new website header that may or may not be used – will find out later. Chores, then proper documentation. This is the only page of the chapter with a one-day build log – at least at the moment.

Here’s the spread:

20:16 – Switched out the launch header with a retooled version of the cover render – dropped the Sabrosa, moved the rocks around a bit. If I ever commit to putting all chapter covers in the header, prior chapters will be straight scale-and-crop jobs. This one gets special treatment.

This is the first cover in almost a year, the first comic CMS entry in almost five months and the first new post to Transitional Voices in damned near five years.

Between earth -42- and this page? The second edition of The Dualist, followed by damned near all of The Operative, then Leitmotif, Provision, Target, and Observer Effect. Oh, and everything not mentioned in that stretch of links got a rewrite.

Then a breather, then pre-rendering of parts of TV.2, then Asset Production Hell, then a new version of the website. After that, ATC ceased to exist as a cognitive object for a few weeks. In my defense, so did everything else.

The first page of the chapter is ready for line art and has been since February. I plan to get it drawn and uploaded this weekend – from there, I really don’t know when production will get rolling in earnest. Probably late May, around the tenth anniversary. There’s still a lot of prep work required to get TV.2 off the launch pad – while the cover is critical to site information design it’s one of several things that need to be bolted down before production can resume in earnest.