The Operative

20100120 (1) – Temporary cover created. I can’t do the full DCR.2 cover until some more CG is created… and until I get more comfortable drawing Jesse.

20100928 – New cover finished! Woot! While I may pull a The Dualist and revise covers to the “strip” format I use with the color books, this is the cover I’ve had in mind for The Operative for quite awhile now… and it’s finally up. A couple of days of off-and-on work, and a hell of a lot easier than making progress on the environment for the next-to-last scene of the chapter. I’ve been stuck on that for a bit now, and hope to be able to dive in and finish it soon. At present the goal is to finish the chapter by the end of the year – and at present, that goal is achievable! Hooah!

A covery-cover, full of spoilers, deliberately misleading. Think of it as a teaser for the scene I’m presently stuck on.