As detailed here, a Sudden Cover Appearance does not always indicate Pages To Follow. It’ll be awhile before that happens – the chapter three script needs a cleanup draft, followed by layout work, CG assessment and asset creation, etcetera. The shape of the assets and story allows for the cover to be posted quickly, as the Hemera model has existed for some time. This allows me to work out any kinks with the website at my leisure, without the pressures of script or page development.

At present, DCR.3 is scheduled to begin production in early Q1 2011. As with previous chapters of ATC, the script will be fully prepared and broken into scenes, with production flow (likely) proceeding in scene-length blocks of Layout, Assets, Production. Leitmotif is the most important chapter to date – not only is it chock full of overplot goodness, the story from here forward is directly relevant to the events of The Dualist.

Whitehouse and The Operative were produced in comic strip format, with the artwork slowly evolving from a rougher mix of photoshop, photographs and line art into a more refined style resembling the color stories. Leitmotif will be produced in page format, with no presence on the DCR website – a domain that will likely be re-tasked within the coming months.

Among other things, you can look forward to Whitehouse finally acquiring a color palette. It’ll occur in a plot-relevant and timely fashion, I assure you!

Whitehouse was named after the band and the protagonist. The Operative was named after the Cabaret Voltaire track and also applies directly to Jesse’s role in events. Leitmotif is named after the Front 242 track and functions as a deliberate acknowledgement of the chapter’s significance to DCR, The Dualist, and other as-yet unproduced aspects of ATC. The fact that the Front 242 lyrics happen to be an exaggerated outline of the chapter could, I suppose, be interpreted as “foreshadowing” The Dualist, as the Cage, Gate, and Guide scenes of that story take their names from the progressions and variations of Animal.

As with the cover for The Operative, this one’s a bit spoilery – though it is in no way misleading.