Forty minutes after the events of Subversion, and moments after Interstitial, Transitional Voices picks up where The Dualist leaves off. A brief synopsis of events would follow those lines and links, but if you’ve read The Dualist, you know where things stand…. and if you haven’t, then a summary would be bursting with spoilers.

Sufficed to say, Transitional Voices takes place between the “point A” of Terran events and the “point B” of Where Things Are Going.

This cover – which could be the “final” cover, but probably won’t be – was put together on October 7th in preparation for the Chapter One (aka 3.1) cover, and to have something nice at the top of the archive list.

Navigational Notes – Templates for The Dualist and Transitional Voices have been tweaked so that previous/next flow together. “First” in either installment will take you to the first page of the respective comic.

16:21 * solios makes a neptune
17:22 * solios makes some moons
17:22 <@rjbs> dude, you’re using up all the matter
17:23 <@rjbs> YOU’RE FUCKING UP THE ROTATION (of the planets)

A pair of backwoods Americans are thrust into an interstellar human society that’s been living in space since the 14th century. Hilarity – and insanity – ensues.

Transitional Voices is a direct continuation of The Dualist. This story is effectively chapters 9-12 or “part three” of The Dualist, though it is a separate entity in terms of production values and story focus.

Mastering notes, 2016.12.31 – New cover, created a few weeks ago for the solstice CBZ. It’s a wrap-around, with Thad on the back!

2019.05.19, 13:49 – Here’s the placeholder cover, referenced above: