2010127 (6) – Got the re-script done before the State of the Union address, came back to cleanup and whatnot as the GOP responder calls the US medical system the “best in the world.” Uh huh, right. Obama can speech – this dude sounds like he’s got a lobbyist’s arm up his ass, Hensoning him like a cheap hand puppet.

Noteworthy – the film quoted in panels one and two didn’t exist in a finished form until 2000. And I’m pretty sure it didn’t start shooting until well after 1997… but I know the director and I met him around the same time, so.

20101225 – Original page metadata:

Anyone who knows the lyrics will recognize KMFDM’s “A Drug Against War.” Dance dance revolution, yo.


2008.04.19 – Redid Nameless Girl’s eyes in panel seven. Otherwise, only minor adjustments.

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Strip 100, 20070823

Counting all static and squelch, this is DCR strip 100. Counting story strips only at four strips per page, this is the end of page 21 of chapter one. There are fourteen strips (give or take) – 2.5 pages – left of the chapter, which will put the final pagecount (after some tweaks) at 24 or 26 pages.

Strip 101, 20070824

I’m pretty sure Matt never spun KMFDM (or rather I’ve never heard him spin any). They’re more Jim‘s kind of band. They’re also about as far from Clan Of Xymox as you can get.

[ Insert boilerplate rant about how KMFDM hasn't been relevant since Skold came and En Esch left, Xtort is their best work, etc. ]

I had the opportunity to talk to both En Esch and Gunter Schultz in 2002 or so, a few weeks after KMFDM rolled through on tour for… I don’t know what, actually. Whatever it was, it sounded like shit-with-distortion and their sound guy claimed that’s exactly what they wanted. Claimed with that special kind of denial you get from creatives who are well past their prime. Zee Germans had nothing positive to say about Sascha K; Sasha was that kind of diplomatic you get from years and years of pissing people off. Neither gig was as good as the ’97 Symbols show at Metropol, though Slick Idiot had better sound quality and an intelligible set; whereas the best thing about the KMFDM show was talking with some whacked out guy about Gary Neuman.


Went to the post-Upstage 80s night. Finalized my current level of drunkeness with an alleged (San-Fran division) replorter from the Village Voice. The guy was a total asshole, the kind of stuck-up entitled prick that pretty much defines “hipster.”

Weird shit, man. (post-modern rich media ownership, etc and the bastard fleeced me for a drink, which is as much my own fault as it is his bad karma)

And yes, I said replorter. Neat, huh?

Strip 102, 20070827

Stomp, stomp, bump. I like $nameless_girl’s nose, and crowds are fun to build.


Deadwood is excellent, and there is new ATC. I’ve been in pre-design with Transitional Voices all week, and should hopefully be in a position to start preliminary modeling and design (fonts, etc) shortly.

I’ve been drawing comics for four years and I still can’t keep character hair length consistent. Verily, I am impaired.

06:29 <@john> solios so
06:29 <@john> um
06:29 <@john> a) in the 2nd frame why does $nameless girl’s dress seem to half disappear
06:30 <@john> in fact all of her right through the center
06:30 <@john> b) why in the 3rd frame did you have to give her a dude’s face?
06:30 <@john> oh, 2nd frame, someone’s leg
06:30 <@john> I see now
06:31 <@bda> Took me a minute, too.
06:31 < solios> adjust your viewing angles.
06:31 <@bda> But it’s 2D.
06:32 < solios> and greyscale.
06:32 < solios> (and I meant of your display, mister smartypants)*
06:32 <@bda> :)
06:32 < solios> <3

This wouldn’t be as much of an issue if I actually drew crowds like some people instead of just the silhouettes, but that’s how it is. Good thing it only happens just this once (that I’m aware of, anyway).

If you really want something to >_< about, just wait for the Tuesday and Wednesday strips. They’re easily the worst I’ve done since I started actively working on DCR again.

* Yes, this is still an issue with LCDs.

Strip 103, 20070828


This is what I was talking about yesterday. Damned Ornix hair.

Mastering notes, 2016.12.07 – This was one of the most drastic edits of the mastering process. I removed panel two entirely, expanding panels one and new-two into half-strip panels. The television has been removed and Jason is no longer quoting movie dialogue – originally from Jacob’s Ladder, later from one of Scary Mike‘s movies. I felt like that snip of dialogue just wasn’t working and, more importantly, that it wasn’t adding anything to Jason’s character.


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