2010127 (2) – Minor fixes to panel two – lightened the silhouette on the right, added a highlight to Nameless Girl’s boot. The original printed as a solid block of A Leg Vanishing Into Some Dude… I figure if a moderately expensive Epson can’t handle it, I should expect the same of any future print process.

2010127 (5) – Rewrite applied. Whitehouse is now 12% more of a dick! Also, a few more minor art tweaks.

20100130 (1b) – Faded up the border of the last panel. This works with changes made to panels one and two of the next page and it looks nicer.

20101225 – Original page metadata:

Cataclysmic blowjob for the win.


2008.04.19 – Repaired panel one again (having spent too much time getting it to where it was previously). Minor cleanup otherwise. The repair work is definitely an improvement – it alters NG’s body language a bit, and seems to fit the scene better.

20101225 – Original strip metadata:

Strip 104, 20070829

One of the good things about DCR’s strip production method: I get strips I hate, instead of pages.

Oi, oi.


This stems from the fact that I hold myself to a standard well beyond my capabilities as opposed to one I can actually attain, so don’t even with the OMG U CAN DRAW SHUT UP plz. Let me wallow. If we’re lucky it’ll result in better art.

Strip 105, 20070830

Much better than the last couple of strips, thankfully.

Unfortunately, the end of the chapter is now a full page (or so) further distant than it was this time last night – I went and laid out a “finale” along the lines of ATC’s interstitial. Which is a bad thing (more work to do) and a good thing (in that it does a few things I want to do with DCR but won’t have the space to do anywhere else after things get rolling).

Strip 106, 20070831

Shading and jaggy bits. You know what that means.


It means this strip would have been up eight hours ago if it weren’t for the puking-in-a-trashcan followed by passing out. Verily, I drank way too much. And shall now pass out some more.

09:47 <@ejp> well, you’re not dead.
09:51 <@solios> that’s a damned lie, that.
09:51 <@ejp> heh
09:51 <@ejp> wtf did you do to yourself?
09:52 <@solios> got drunk with a guy who makes torpedo guidance systems.
09:52 <@ejp> aah.
09:52 <@solios> or… something. involving torpedoes.
09:52 <@ejp> yay for extreme drunkeness
09:55 <@solios> why do we keep doing it when it hurts so fucking much? :|
09:55 <@ejp> in my case? girls.
09:55 <@solios> word
09:55 <@ejp> though tonight I’m determined to get Floaty and not Spinny.
09:55 <@solios> :o
09:55 <@ejp> because being more sober than those around you is ++
09:57 <@solios> I’ve heard

Nothing to be proud of (far from it) but I’m aware of no other method for hard-rebooting a sleeping schedule that’s even half as effective.

I’ve also redacted a bunch of unnecessary shit from the book 3 script – having hacked and gutted all but the most important Heirotus bits, I ought to be able to fit the thing into six chapters (read: “issues”) of Industry Standard Length.

Mastering notes, 2016.12.05 – Fixed a shoulder in panel six.


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