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See what I was saying about foreshadowing? Yeah. It only took you a few minutes to get here, but it was years for me.


2008.04.19 – Beyond moving things around a bit so they fit the new aspect ratio, no major changes from the previous version.

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Strip 096, 20070817

Not a very accurate depiction of Matt (surprised the linked material still exists!), but I don’t think he’ll mind. Props to Tara for correcting me on the hair – he’s got the Robert Smith Exploding Head thing going on in all of the strip layouts.

Also, the fence makes for huge jpegs. Oops.

Strip 097, 20070820

Note that the people that make these kinds of comments typically have all of the dancing ability of a quadriplegic sloth.

00:16 <@_Lasar> quadriplegic loincloth!
00:24 <@solios> O_o
00:28 <@_Lasar> (I misread quadriplegic sloth in your last post)
00:28 <@solios> hah.
00:28 <@solios> fun fact: those were supposed to be completely random people on the dance floor. But it turned out that only the first one is.

Strip 098, 20070821

If I hold with my current production pace, then this will hit on the 21rst… and it does, with strips canned up to Friday already.

Man, August is ticking by way too fast.

Strip 099, 20070822

Man, just thinking about Laga/Upstage vodka gives me a hangover.

Truly, some vile shit.


  • Matt (aka DJ Imperium) is a member of The Night Shift, the DJ crew that runs Ceremony. Matt has a personal preference for New Wave and Black Metal – while the tracks that fill...

  • “Pigtails” is the nickname given to the unnamed girl who pursues Jason through the first chapter of Dead City Radio. While she makes one hell of a first impression, things end on an awkward...

  • The king of social engineering, the crown prince of noise, and a self-described “Post-American Electro-Snob.” Jason has a deep interest in industrial, electronic, ambient, metal and gothic music, and a well-researched interest in radio...

Glossary Articles

  • Ceremony

    Ceremony is a Pittsburgh Gothic/Industrial/New Wave club night hosted by the DJs of The Night Shift. In the summer of 1997, Ceremony takes place Wednesday nights at Club Laga in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of...