For some reason Safari’s got it into its head to not upload images using the CMS, so this post is coming to you from Firefox for a change.

It downsamples well, but at full size the QAR is a jaggy mess in a few areas, notably the floor. In previous appearances (read: future appearances as far as immediate story progression goes) the QAR was rendered with Scanline – this time around I used Mental Ray, and there were some obvious tradeoffs. Scanline throws out smoother, nicely anti-aliased textures, whereas MR seems to hate maps with a passion… but MR gives results today, whereas SL renders of the QAR literally take days. Days.

Conversely, this whole page was generated at print resolution in less than a day. Dummies, reference shots, full renders… with time to spare.

Facepalm and Schumacherish nipple armor. Fear them!

Seriously, I have no idea what’s up with the twistable nipple… throughout Signal, Grij is wearing the same cloak, but with the exception of one glimpse of a cuff, you don’t actually get to see what’s underneath until Reentry, when he’s wearing something completely different.

The rest of this scene is done and has been for a few weeks – since this page (like the previous) took some actual effort, I’m going to take a breather and deal with further uploads tomorrow.

15:59 < ejp> NIPPLE DIAL
15:59 < ejp> does it go to eleven?
15:59 <@solios> it goes to 11
15:59 < ejp> \o/
16:01 <@solios> and if you think of it as a clock face it’s actually SET for 11…
16:02 * solios imagines it goes DING! when it hits 12


  • The ranking officer aboard HX-47 Sabrosa, Grij is the supervisor and final authority for all paramilitary field operations and training in which the vessel is assigned. The former Director of Applied Psionics Research for...

  • Brandon James founded Heirotus in order to put his doctorate-equivalents in Xenoarcheology and Anthropology to use without academic interference. After a crucial (and highly classified) discovery by Heirotus contractor Judas Lang, James branched the...

Glossary Articles

  • GSU-1921.5

    A gas giant near the very edge of validated ICG charts, and the observation point from which the initial surveys of GSV, GSW, and GSX were made. In 1997, the Heirotus-leased ICG survey ship...