Crop-tastic! Whittled a bit off of the sides of… well, everything. Oh, and I shopped in Brand’s junk in panel four. Mustn’t forget that.

20090906 (25) – Lettered.

Mastering notes, 2016.12.07 – Minor dialogue adjustments. Worked in Hrazny mrDat. Foreshadowing!


  • The ranking officer aboard HX-47 Sabrosa, Grij is the supervisor and final authority for all paramilitary field operations and training in which the vessel is assigned. The former Director of Applied Psionics Research for...

  • Brandon James founded Heirotus in order to put his doctorate-equivalents in Xenoarcheology and Anthropology to use without academic interference. After a crucial (and highly classified) discovery by Heirotus contractor Judas Lang, James branched the...

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