dcr4_script_page_19The major CG work on this was done around February 16th, give or take. The line art was created as part of the production run that generated the previous two pages, though I didn’t get around to cleanup and CG until tonight. A gap naturally appeared in the flow of Work-work – I’m waiting on emails from half a dozen people about four or five different things, a technical resource site has been down for a couple of days, it seems like half of the people I need to talk to or meet with are at GDC or SXSW, and the other half are either in meetings or working on material I’ll be grinding on later in the {night|week|month}. Lulls are unexpected. If the last few weeks of comic updates have proved anything, it’s that I know how to make the most out of the occasional lull. Line art for 4.20 and 4.21 has dibs on the next one.

Also, Doctor Manhattan styled weenis. Delightfully normal, all things considered.

For quite awhile now I’ve been creating Dyluck’s crazyhair digitally, starting with hand drawn indicators. This is the first time I’ve done it in the page as opposed to in the line art file, both for Dyluck and Alias. The change in approach saved a good amount of time, all things considered – and the crazyhair fits with the page in a way that hand-crafted (as opposed to mouse-crafted) hair wouldn’t have.

Counting this page, the previous page, and the inevitable outcome of provision -13-, Whitehouse is now firmly ahead of Beef Knuckleback in the Death And Resurrection Show.

This is (probably!) the last bit of single-use environmental CG for DCR, (definitely!) the last page of Jason’s little Blast Through The Past, and the last flashback/regression (for a good long time, anyway). This leg of the scene entered production back in October. Given the volume and variety of projects I’m presently committed to, it feels really good to hit a milestone on one of them!


  • A higher being with immense telekinetic and gravimetric abilities – powers and talents which are slowly manifesting in his physical incarnation, the Addicaine Alias Aza’hel. Seems to have a thing for Dyluck.

  • A being with a talent for astral projection, possessing some form of teleportation ability. Dyluck incarnated as Thaddeus Gallahad and remained in a dormant state until Awoken in 1997. Thad’s cognitive dissonance forced her...

Glossary Articles

  • Apartment 608

    A unit on the “inside of the L” of Allegheny Center Building Seven, Apartment 608 is home to Jason Whitehouse and his roommate Curtis. While most one-bedroom apartments have three art students apiece, Apartment...

  • Astral Space

    A cognitively-informed plane of perception, Astral Space is a blanket term applied to Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, and other forms of cognitive or psychic non-corporeal translocation in which the physical location of the characters...

  • MBO-2

    An object removed from MBO-1 by Aleph Stevens in the early 1960s, MBO-2 is initially assumed to be some sort of flight data recorder. According to Brandon James the enclosure is opaque to conventional...