Thule Garrison

Thule Garrison is a Templar lodge founded by Mike West and Ivan Kursk in 1968. The name was initially something of a joke – at the time of its foundation, Thule Garrison was quite literally off the map. While the region of space made its way onto preliminary ICG charts in the 1980s, the Garrison is located deep in an AEI sinkhole – a region of space in which an FTL transition is extremely difficult, even for talented navigators.

The first highly classified chart of a route from Earth to Templar headquarters aboard Kolg Saerai Orbital (Kaysoo) was created by Mike West. While the route has since been revised using new ICG-verified navigational data, the optimal plot between Earth and civilization remains a highly classified Templar secret. Only a few Templar outside of Thule Garrison or the Kaysoo lodge know of the existence of the garrison or the planet on which it is based. “Thule” has long been a Templar code word for classified or otherwise intentionally obfuscated locations and personnel – it’s quite possible that this Thule Garrison may not be the only Thule Garrison.

While some personnel have transferred between Thule and Kaysoo, the Garrison is largely staffed and supplied from local resources. Support from Kaysoo is minimal – in part due to the extreme distances involved and in part due to the highly secretive nature of the lodge.

Officially, Thule Garrison has three tasks: The fulfillment of the Waking God Protocols (a requirement of all Templar lodges), the enforcement of Executive Order 571.3 or prompt notification of its violation, and active surveillance of the sinkhole with prompt notification of any and all incursions by any and all inbound spacecraft regardless of disposition. Research and treatment of atypical physiological and psychological anomalies at Bethlehem Medical Centre is secondary to these directives.

Despite the availability of more robust assets, the sole patrol craft assigned to Thule is the Cheops. Officially, this is to avoid drawing any undue attention from the local authorities.