20100120 (1) – Minor repairs – removed the Mr. Yuck sticker from the S-Deck. Unfortunately, I’ve misplaced the original render files, so it had to be shopped out. Easy enough.

Fun fact – the covers and cover insides/outsides are 300 dpi. The page documents for this chapter are 450, and for the next chapter they’re 480. I’m sure there’s a reason for the cover materials being a lower dpi than the pages, and I think the Bigass CG Renders for the DCR.1 cover components were the big determining factor.

20100202 – I’ll need to say it at some point, and here is as good a location as any. The metadata for DCR.1 and the early pages of DCR.2 (the four complete as of this writing) is sparse by the standards set during production of The Dualist. The metadata for the original strips can be found with the original strips on the old DCR website. The wonky It’s A Strip That Stacks Into A Comic approach felt like the way to go at the time, and it still does, at least for the next chapter or so. It does, however, make maintaining a proper development timeline a bit of a pain in the ass.

The old DCR website was “draft,” amongthechosen.test/comic is “final,” and the old ATC website was a sort of in-between state for Chapter One. While a conscious effort was made to preserve all of the first edition metadata for TD2E, the page entries for the previous incarnation of DCR-at-ATC were re-added at a much later date, along with the original strip metadata.