Whitehouse -1-

20100120 (2) – Most of the time required by this massively complicated composition was spent working out photoshop actions that will help hasten production. As it stands, there aren’t many pages that will benefit quickly… but all of ’em will get hit with canvas and scale resizing at some point over the next week or two.

Until ATC hits (what is currently planned to be) Book Five, consider this a stand-in for an eventual Los Angeles, November 2019 homage.

(4) – Having processed the “easy” pages (all three of them!), I now have a decision to make. Rewrite just the MBO-1 bits, or rewrite the whole damned thing, a la TD2E?

20101225 – Original page metadata:

It’s like Blade Runner, only not. Panel three is where this whole mess got started, back when I was struggling with Chapter Four of The Dualist.


2008.04.19 – Cropped. No major alterations. If you check out any pages from the previous edition, you’ll also notice that the 6×9 web version has added a nice big gutter around the bottom and top – a smidge bigger than the one used in Transitional Voices, but practically nonexistent considering the size of the print-spec gutters. Sergio Aragones would have a field day with that much whitespace!

20101225 – Original strip metadata:

[NOTE – the first two panels are new for the “paged” edition of the chapter.]

Strip 001, 20050831

Insert Max Headroom and/or Blade Runner derived witticism here.

Dead City Radio is online.

Strip 002, 20050831

Visually, this would be the end of a static-loaded pan-down, with a mishmash of Pittsburgh radio interlaced and scrambled up for subtext.

Unfortunately it would be a subtext of Creed, Don Henley, soft rock, RnB and whatever else has the power to swamp NPR and WRCT off the dial. The kind of ear-raping swill that would gloriously undermine the sort of message I’m attempting to convey.

Trust me, local television is even worse.

Which is why DCR is coming to you, live and direct.

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