20100105 – Re-covered.

After a number of false starts on motion and the staring-at-it-for-hours sickfest of descent… and knowing that subversion and the main cover are both going to be time consuming… I wanted something that could be banged out QUICK.

Hence, this cover – a quick blend of two renders. The outer security entrance to psi-obs on the front, and the inner lock on the back. Not terribly dramatic, but the climax takes place smack between the two, so it’s quite appropriate. Not as detail-heavy as motion, but really – does it need to be? The cover has a nice “brooding” feel to it, similar to what was (inappropriately) invoked with the first edition reentry cover(s). Here, it works.

Rendered and assembled Monday morning – subtract sleep and we’re talking a whole six hours of staring at the thing before completing it in a few quick strokes. After the last few covers, that’s a massive improvement!

Hopefully this means I’m over The Illness. Whatever it is.

While not The Best (that would be the cover for the previous chapter), this one’s certainly a favorite. Also, easily adapted to 6×9.

Mastering notes, 2016.12.31 – As of late 2016 this is probably my favorite chapter cover. I like the colors, the composition, and how ominous it is.