20100104 – Re-covered. In this case, a re-interpretation of the original for the wider aspect ratio – the spread (below) really shows it off. This cover uses a lot of the same textural bits as the original, though in this case the “city” is a mix of Philly and Chicago. Yes, it’s supposed to be Pittsburgh, but the last scene of the last chapter technically takes place in Monroeville or thereabouts – some gods-forsaken strip mall or mall or other chunk of suburban sprawl, barely acknowledged by the public transit system in much the same way that Firefox is barely acknowledging my keyboard. Seems to have something to do with Photoshop – eating 1.8g of ram and 2.4g of swap with no documents open. Quit that and the browser’s snappy again. Go figure.

As planned at present, this is the only cover of the “back four” that demands line art – the remaining two should be a straight mix of rendering and photoshop.

Still the best cover of the book.