20100121 (7) – Marquee removal in panel one – replaced the Byham marquee with a new panel. Same building, different angle, blocked-out pedestrians. Silhouettes look nothing like the originals. Also smeared the hell out of the Liberty Travel marquee in panel three and blurred a Highmark bulletin board. I need to chat with a copyright lawyer at some point and find out how much of this stuff can slide and how much I have to remove. If I was more of a traditional artist this wouldn’t be an issue!

2010127 (9) – Rescript applied. This round of DCR rework totals 34 pages of adjustments – 28 DCR.1, 4 DCR.2, two covers. There’s some tough pages in there, but I can see the end of 34 in a way I never could see the end of the 300-plus pages of TD2E.

I dropped the “trolls” titling in panel eight… and then, after poking around unprocessed pages for a bit, I decided to put it back. While it’s very short for a scene, it is a distinct scene in its own right. So, it stays. Unless it get axed in the course of an eventual titling rethink.

You never know.

20101225 – Original page metadata:

Fun fact: there’s a thirteen month production gap between panels seven and eight, during which The Dualist was finished.


2008.04.19 – Again, minor cleanup. This is the tipping point – all of the work from panel eight onward is relatively recent (read: “within the last year or so”), and the volume of error drops off considerably.

20101225 – Original strip metadata:

Strip 078, 20060717

One of those fun days where I Forgot How To Draw – arms in this case.

One more strip and I’ll be switching from DCR to ATC pre-production for awhile.

Strip 079, 20060718

The last bit of the Corleone’s thing, and probably the last story strip for at least a short while, if not a long while – I’m back to ATC modeling at the moment and am making fast progress. There’s a lot to do, but I’m confident I’ll be able to make my targeted August start date.

Since ATC’s Priority, that means DCR gets sent to the back of the bus again – hopefully the pending exile shorter than the last one!


20070820 – I don’t know why, but I’ve had to clean up comment spam in this entry – and ONLY THIS ENTRY – twice in the last month. Fuck you, intertron.


Strip 083, 20070804

The first the story’s moved in over a year.

I’ve been busy.

The ensuing sub-arc was written and laid out back in March as a bit of pre-emptive planning in the event that ATC production started to drag. It didn’t. In fact, ATC was moving at a headlong sprint up until about three hours ago.

Strip 084, 20070804

There is, I’m sure you’ve noticed, very little else to do today.

Well, very little else I want to do. Nearly three weeks of hauling ass followed by a massive anxiety attack about the huge quavering maybe of it all resulted in one hell of a flameout.

It’s nice to work on something that doesn’t require hours upon hours of shading.


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