Pittsburgh: Allegheny Center

A commercial and residential development on the north side of Pittsburgh, Allegheny Center contains an apartment building leased by the Art School and rented as student apartments to Jason, Thad, and other cast members of Dead City Radio. The complex contains a radio station, major multinational corporate offices, a mall, a bank, a library, a museum, and the National Aviary.

Development Notes: At the time of Dead City Radio parts of the complex are in decline – the mall is largely empty, the surrounding parks are largely unpopulated, and large swaths of the corporate office buildings stand vacant. When visited for photo recon in the mid 2000s the area had declined further, and it was relatively easy to acquire shots free of people or vehicles. When the area was visited again after 2009 it was found to be in redevelopment, and planned scenes involving the bus stops were scrapped due to the envisioned shots no longer existing. This gallery presents a few of the more distinctive people-free shots of the area, some of which were used in the production of Dead City Radio.

Allegheny Center-related Glossary Topics

  • Apartment 608
    Apartment 608

    A unit on the “inside of the L” of Allegheny Center Building Seven, Apartment 608 is home to Jason Whitehouse and his roommate Curtis. While most one-bedroom apartments have three art students apiece, Apartment...