20100121 (9) – I’m friends with both Mike and Dave of Crayon Death – I mentioned using the CD logo to Mike at one point and he (if memory serves) was cool with it, so that stays. Submachine, however, I don’t know anybody from – so the fictional band “Murder Booth” has been substituted. Thanks to mdxi and Band Names 29.

20100130 (6) – A real mess in the cleanup department – corrections and 16×9 adjustments from the original strips made a tangle out of the type, and the rescript hasn’t done me any favors either. All font-based dialogue has been overhauled. The tablet-rendered onomatopoeia remain intact.


20101225 – Original page metadata:

The Shitstrips have become the Poo Page. Thank your lucky stars that this site isn’t available in smell-o-vision!


2008.04.19 – Some minor cleanup, but otherwise The Poopstrip survives intact.

20101225 – Original strip metadata:

Strip 062, 20060701

Man, this strip totally blows away the previous one. Probably helps that I’m getting away from the “establishing character” bits and moving towards the “plot” bits.

Or something.

Strip 063, 20060702

Done Saturday for posting on Sunday (at some point after midnight) – feeling slightly self-conscious about the calendar in the archives section and wanting something to show for it. This doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to wind up with a huge wad of pre-canned material like I quickly ran out of back in November… but it does mean I can chunk out DCR strips faster than ATC pages, for whatever that’s worth. Still pondering setting up and sticking to a publishing schedule of some sort – it’s got to be possible to balance both comics, dangit.

Also, POOPING. Referencing wednesday -8- and the quality of ‘gheny water back in the late 90s.

Strip 064, 20060703

I don’t like ravers. And in 1997, you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting half a dozen of them. They burned themselves out around 2001 or so, and there was much rejoicing. I definitely don’t miss the e-tards…. I’m sure they’re still hanging around the Art Institute – along with the rest of the 31 flavors of Hot Topic Hipsters.

More about Corleones and Fu Lai in future strips.

Strip 065, 20060704

Stickers on the stall door: Crayon Death (top) and Submachine (bottom).

I saw Submachine at Nick’s Fat City a couple of years ago, and Dave and Mike from Crayon Death work at The Upstage, which is where I drink. Frequently.

Maxwell House, in my opinion, is buttleavings run through a coffee filter. Starbucks is, also in my opinion, worse. Bitter buttleavings. Gah.

Mastering notes, 2016.12.08 – Minor tweaks to dialogue in panel seven; replaced the visor logo in panels nine and ten with PLUR, which is (or should be) entirely appropriate. I actually got this done on the fifth but didn’t catch panel nine until the page was reviewed for the metadata pass on the eighth. Whew!


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