2010127 (8) – The River Guardian – one of the biggest hanging plot points in all of ATC, and the first (well… second, if you count the Dead Space Ninja in the closet) to be directly addressed. For the “third edition” (I suppose that’s what this is, isn’t it? Fourth? Did I decopyright and 6×9 at the same time, or separately? I forget…), a bit of panel cleanup and some relettering. Whitehouse’s grump in panel five was originally hand drawn, so to get the bubble re-worked I dropped the background. Pen tool for the win.

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2008.04.19 – The biggest single alteration is the slight shadow under Whitehouse in panel six.

It sickens me how crucial the “river guardian” is to the entire story (ATC, not just DCR), and that I will almost certainly be in my fucking THIRTIES before the full extent of its role is revealed. Where does the time go?

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Strip 041, 20051031


Assembled on the 25th, posted from Philly, a bit into Primer, moments from finding out if the town’s got a transit strike or not.

Strip 042, 20051101

This was originally Wednesday -12-, but I liked the one-panel “splash” thinger quite a bit – the scene works better with it, so -12- is now -13-, and it’s Done a good thirty minutes before -9- goes live. W00t.

Strip 043, 20051102

If you were a large possibly imaginary visualization of the Three Rivers area, punk bitches flipping the bird would likely be totally beneath your notice.

Strip 044, 20051103

First DCR I’ve drawn and put together in just over a week- I’ve been coasting on pre-canned goodness for a bit, and I think it’s pretty obvious that “effort” is something I’m having issues with at the moment. My biochemistry is completely out to lunch and this town sucks ass – the former is always a juggling act; the latter is something I’m reminded of every time I actually get out of it, and the psychological impact isn’t as easy to roll with. Not this time around.


  • An astral entity, abilities and disposition unknown. Emily Ashton refers to it as a “dragon,” and describes it as “- the focal point of the city’s geological energy!,” apparently distressed by the fact that...

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