20100120 (4) – Initial assembly from strips 133 – 136.

20100126 (2) – New line of dialogue added to panel eight. I mucked around with it for a good long while – leaned on, leaned off, tweaked, tweaked, tweaked… and eventually settled for keeping it. While it’s not strictly necessary, it does add a minor detail to the narrative – a small piece that would be left out otherwise.

20101225 – Original strip metadata:

Strip 133, 20080514

Chapter two, page three, strip one. This is where the easy bits end – at least until the next chapter. Every strip from here is going to involve some degree of Work, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the nice little lead I’ve built up (caching this on the fourth) starts to erode.

^- That was the bit I plugged in when I upped this awhile back. I’m out of cache, hauling ass on the Daedalus rec area for ATC, and may well stop short for this week. There’s seven strips left in the “doable” pile, so I may kick it back to 3/2/2 or some combination that adds up to that in order to stretch things out. It’s very hard to switch gears once I get into a production flow, so right now the idea of breaking off of the rec area and possibly losing the steam I’m building up isn’t something I take lightly.

Strip 134, 20080719

Damned aliens.

Damned foreshadowing.

And damned inertia, while we’re at it. After two months of not working on DCR, I’m slogging onward. Finishing the bits I thought I had pre-canned first, then on to the rest as time permits. Of everything on the To Do List, DCR.2 is presently the most developed project (and the easiest to work on), so I’ll be proceeding with it while I deal with Real Life Ickiness. Possibly regularly, probably not. You know how these things seem to work out.

Also, yay panel two:


Technically, this is one of those rare occasions where I did some serious fixes with a wacom. I usually suck at drawing with one, but this time around it was the quickest and easiest way to fix Whitehouse’s hair in panel three… the original inks looked more like Dana Sterling‘s puffball than Jason’s anime spikes. That piece of linework was done a little over a month ago, slipped in with an ATC page. It then sat around until I finally got off my ass and got back to DCR, at which point tweaking was deemed more viable than a redraw.

20080720 – Revised Whitehouse’s scale in panel two. It’s slightly more accurate now.

Strip 135, 20080720

And we’re running, we’re running…. we’re running….

The best thing about the Allegheny Center mall being almost completely dead? It’s real easy to shoot backgrounds without having to deal with crowds. Most of the time, anyway – one frame of the next page required some silhouette work, but otherwise… the place is dead. Dead like disco.

Strip 136, 20080726

Always a bummer when those hallucinated spaceships turn out to be birds.

07:31 <xeno> pterodactyls!
07:46 <solios> of doom.
08:09 <xeno> :o

Always a bummer when I run out of canned backgrounds, too. Though I threw the photos together many moons ago, so the fact I’ve run dry is totally my fault. It’s not like I’m working too fast, or something. Gods forbid.

This strip is the end of the third page of the chapter. From here on out it’s Work in the backgrounds department – hopefully not as much work as ATC has turned out to be, but Work nonetheless. 3d backgrounds and such – the joy being that many shots will be recyclable and every environment I’ll need for this chapter (two conapts, a generic corridor, maybe the lobby, and some outside mockups) will be used in DCR 3 through 5.

Mastering notes, 2016.12.05 – Fiddled with dialogue spacing in panels seven and eight.

2016.12.31 – Setting post date to the metadata date of the last strip of the page, 2008.07.26.


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