dcr5_script_page_072012 05 28, 03:51 – Rendering finished a few minutes ago. A righteous slog – roughly six hours to generate and tweak panels three through seven, and only done so I could wrap the page and start Monday with ATC off my plate for a bit. Plenty of work to do – most of it is stuff I’ve been putting off for roughly a week, some of it is new (well, new-ish) and potentially either paying or heartbreaking, depending. And I need to clean – I saw my first roach of the year a couple of hours ago and for all I know the little bugger is still hiding under the oven.

He’ll be out again as soon as I turn the kitchen lights off – and I don’t intend to do that for awhile!

2012 06 11, 04:15 – Pencilled, inked, and ready for cleanup. This will take awhile – hopefully I’ll have enough time over the rest of the week to get 5.06 and 5.07 done, and to get 5.08 and 5.09 into a similar state. Hopefully with fewer screwups in the shoulder department!

2012 06 13, 04:12 – Cleanup complete. Ready for base colors and initial assembly. Lost some time Sunday to work, spent a chunk of time Monday on Prometheus (and more importantly, hanging out with my friend Martin). Today, more work. Tonight… initial assembly at least. Maybe shading.

Oh, and saw another roach tonight – I swear this one ran in from outside when I opened the door to step out and grab a cigarette. Managed to whack the bastard – hopefully it’s the same one I mentioned above. Otherwise I may have to clean the house. Horrors!

2012 06 13, 20:31 – Initial assembly complete. Ready for dialogue tails, shadow-matching and shading. At this point I’m planning on doing shading on Thursday – I’m going out tonight to “celebrate” signing a contract. Though the next couple of weeks will be tight (with uncashed rent and boozing tonight factored in), I’ll be celebrating being able to make it into August, financially speaking. If I can continue production at an acceptable pace that might actually see this thing through!

2012 06 15, 20:36 – Shaded and ready for spit-shining. About to start pencils on 5.08 and possibly 5.09… or maybe fuck off and play video games for the rest of the night, I haven’t decided yet.

Artsy fartsy observation: Thematic use of lighting. Jason back-lit by previous lives, facing the unknown. Addicaines front-lit by what they’ve been looking for.

I could get all nose in the air about it and blather about how it’s Intentional and Deep and shit, but it’s really just a happy “accident” – optimal light placement for where things are going. The fact that it plays to the overall story as a visual element is just, you know… gravy.

Production fun fact: Greg’s body armor is so damned dark I have to turn off my starboard display while I’m shading it. Otherwise I can’t see the “B” layer on back shots.

2012 06 19, 01:22 – Passes first final launch check with minor adjustments. This is the “What the hell is THAT?!” pass – I’ll be back for a more thorough look in a few minutes.

01:50 – Took another shot at patching up Whitehouse’s hair in panel seven. No joy. Willing to live with it – there are worse shots of Jason earlier in the story, and there are – fortunately! – better shots in this production block. I can stomach it at production size, but at webscale? Oh, man. I’m glad this one won’t be sitting on top for any length of time.

Mastering notes, 2016.12.05 – Fixed a major continuity error in panel five – Lang abstained from getting his age “fixed,” not Yang.


  • A Heirotus defector and the only survivor of the Hemera, Greg lives in constant fear of being “recovered” by Heirotus. Having played a critical role in John West’s decision to leave the Templar, Greg...

  • Senior NCO of the Hemera Addicaine Group. While Greg Auriga is senior Heirotus employee and technically in charge of all Heirotus personnel aboard ship, chain of command puts all Addicaines except Greg and Jo...

  • The king of social engineering, the crown prince of noise, and a self-described “Post-American Electro-Snob.” Jason has a deep interest in industrial, electronic, ambient, metal and gothic music, and a well-researched interest in radio...

Glossary Articles

  • MCAR-78 “Thumper”

    Called the “Thumper” due to the sound of the airburst rounds and its frequent use as a bludgeon by downed pilots, the Barghosa Multi-function Compact Assault Rifle model 78 is a rugged Bullpup styled...