The biggest changes here: removal of “overheard” type and the book Alias is reading – it used to be an “experimental” DCR cover, but has since been changed to Barghosa Utility Spacecraft Model 238 Operations Manual Volume 1," which vibes with Grij’s statements in the previous scene, and the U-238 shots on the previous page.

Not that you can read it on the webscale, of course.

Mastering notes, 2016.12.06 – Changed “mess hall” to “chow.”


  • Addicaine N-6 Alias Aza’hel is far and above the most powerful telekinetic talent of the N series, and is to date the only “Chosen” to be successfully sequenced by the Addicaine Program. Deeply intuitive,...

Glossary Articles

  • Astral Space

    A cognitively-informed plane of perception, Astral Space is a blanket term applied to Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, and other forms of cognitive or psychic non-corporeal translocation in which the physical location of the characters...

  • U-238 (Loki)

    The Barghosa Aerospace Utility Aerospacecraft Model 238 (U-238 or “Loki”) is an airframe that sucks well at everything. While inferior to purpose-built attack, transport, electronic warfare and even cargo vehicles, the fact that the...