Air -17- and todays page are sort of a complement to earth -39- and -40-, in reverse – after a dramatic and slightly gory check-in to see what’s going on back on earth, it’s back! Into Spaaaaaace! With a sort of stylistic homage to The Right Stuff and Stargate Universe to skip the play head forward a few hours.

The Cheops hasn’t gone anywhere, and is here as a reminder that it’s still a thing, as well as a design element – in this case part of the line of action or a visual counterweight to the Castores.

As far as plot check-ins go it’s a hell of a lot prettier than earth -32- and -33-. :D

Next week’s SPACE PORN! is already good to go and looks pretty nifty. I still have a hell of a lot of work to do to get to 3.20 but as of today I’ve got two weeks to get there. The Daedalus cargo bay took eleven days and the Castores took six (seven counting the scene prep for 3.18/3.19), so if those are anything to go by then the last major asset needed for this scene (not counting spacesuit mockups) should take about the same amount of time. I hope. I’d love to get the production time down but frankly a week or two for an asset that may wind up lasting for years is a worthy investment.

Glossary Articles

  • Castores

    A Foundation class heavy cruiser, the Castores is a long endurance survey ship leased by Expert Technologies with a Templar command crew officially following up on first-pass charts plotted by smaller Discovery class ships....

  • Cheops

    A Titan class low orbit and upper atmosphere patrol craft, the Cheops is the sole Templar vehicle permanently assigned to Terra. Orbiting the earth in Am or within the Veil at a depth of...

2 thoughts on “Air -18-

  1. Avatarwilliam, :

    hell yeah an unbelieveable awesume webcomic and its updates finally the gods like me !!!!!
    i find awesume webcomics all the time but they are dead :P

    • dmhdmh, :

      Thanks man, I’m glad you like it. :) ATC is currently updating every Sunday, and while I’ve been able to keep this chapter on track there’s usually a good-sized gap between installments… so if the comic stops updating, it’s usually for a reason and usually not for long! :D