This was done a couple of days ago. Unfortunately for you (but fun for me), The A-Team and Final Fantasy Tactics A2 ate my balls. Ate ’em clean up to my eyebrows.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I got CBS – and only CBS – until the last few months of high school, so I missed out on a lot of good TV. Hulu’s allowing me to catch up without the pesky hassle of bittorrent or buying a television.

I love it when a plan comes together.

If ATC were the Production I.G* or Sunrise** anime that it ought to be, then panels two and three would be the first two thirds of a visual crossfade and camera pan that ends with the first panel of the next page. It looks great in my head, but doesn’t translate as well into sequential art. Or maybe it does if you think of the comic as storyboards for some hypothetical anime. Yeah.

18:59 <@ejp> kowalski?
19:00 <@solios> faceless drone Greymalkin’s bitching at.
19:00 <@solios> the next three pages are his end of two phone conversations.
19:01 <@ejp> ah.
19:01 <@solios> while Tantek (driving) stops and picks up Beef.
19:01 <@ejp> yay beefbits.
19:01 <@solios> the main chapter is done. This is linkage/groundwork/foreshadowing.

* GITS, obviously. Not NGE.

** Cowboy Bebop. One of these days ATC will look as good as the CB movie.


  • Mentioned only by name, Kowalski is Greymalkin’s long-suffering Deputy of Operations, tasked with the day-to-day paperwork and legal requirements of a secret interplanetary militia operating under the nose of Terran authorities. A lawyer by...

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