BACON OF LIGHT (spoilers)

Holy crap, the spoilers.

Plot could still change, but probably won’t. So, like, don’t read this. Or something.

13:26 <solios> besides, I don’t have to finalize anything for quite awhile.
13:26 <solios> it’ll be 2010 before I’m working on that part, at the *earliest*
13:26 <xeno_> eh, by that time you’ll be rewriting dcr
13:27 <solios> already DID that.
13:27 <solios> gotta make more so I have more to redo.
13:27 <solios> transitional voices is mostly rewritten already.
13:28 <solios> there’s one bit in which West mentions he’s expositioned out from having to explain shit to raven and naomi, and basically Doesn’t answer ornix and thad’s questions.
13:28 <solios> the “we’re leaving earth” bit got moved forward and The Hallway Shot is now all the exposition the story is ever going to need (or hopefully GET) regarding Man’s Place In The Galacy.
13:28 <xeno_> he should just hand them a book or the equivalent
13:28 <solios> the Galaxy, too.
13:28 <solios> yeah, well.
13:29 <xeno_> i’m pretty sure they’d both be O_O! over them
13:29 <solios> Ornix will be reading that in the next chapter.
13:29 <xeno_> probably catch ornix whacking it to pictures of nebulae or something
13:29 <solios> heh.
13:30 <solios> by the end of TV ornix will have sponged up as much as he can get his hands on and will know The Basics
13:31 <solios> Thad will have wrecked the shit out of the Sabrosa’s QAR and accidentally given Heirotus the Daedalus’s Exact Position and destination.
13:31 <xeno_> Thad is a bacon of light
13:31 <xeno_> VADER’S ON THAT SHIP
13:31 <solios> BACON OF LIGHT
13:31 <xeno_> asRFSDGdfjhxfhklh
13:31 <xeno_> XD
13:31 <xeno_> awesome.

2 thoughts on “BACON OF LIGHT (spoilers)

  1. Avatarxeno, :

    This porkbelly is now the ultimate power in the universe. I suggest we use it.

  2. soliossolios, :

    Pork has a terrible power.