Page 664: Fire -28-

Defense protocols have been stood down – with extreme predjudice. Whoever’s on that ship doesn’t need to make threats – they clearly mean business. They are loaded for bear. They are not fucking around.

The explosion in panel two is the turret from panels six and seven of Fire -27-. This is consistent with its location as depicted in Details -7-. Maybe not the most dramatic of shots, but consistent with the desired line and thematic weight of action.

Between posting the previous page and this one I finished rendering the majority of the final scene of Transitional Voices and completely re-rendered every appearance of the Quantum Analogue Relay. I also added the revised Epiphany cargo bay door to panel one of Details -16-, and did a few other edits. See the Changelog for details. This is all stuff I’d planned to do eventually anyway – I figured it made sense to do it now, so that new pages share visual continuity with the old ones, even if it means re-rendering seventy-odd panels just to make a new one match.

The QAR edits, like the cargo bay edits, have been done to bring existing pages in line with the final scene of Fire. As of this writing only three panels need to be rendered, though to get one of those done I need to build a very important plot-critical 3d object and then do another continuity edit. It’s much smaller than the QARrections though arguably more important, as I’ll be injecting a bit of foreshadowing into an existing scene. More details on that when it happens, which should be soon.

The next page of this scene will be up before the end of the month. Stay tuned!

Blog: Send Me Your Money!

In early May I created a Patreon account. I’ve made it thirteen years without asking for help, and if I want ATC to keep going, well… I’m gonna need all the help I can get. I’m gonna need you to send me your money!

Apologies to Suicidal Tendencies – the song popped into my head while writing copy for Patreon and it seemed like a great opener for the related ATC blog post (this bit here), so I ran with it.

This post establishes the existence of the Patreon account and firms up the ATC production roadmap. The roadmap is planned to be the first blog post to the account once I take it live. I feel that it reads a lot like a pitch for a fixed amount of funding – a budget, if you will – and in some ways it is. While ATC was planned as a seven book thing and for a very long time was dreamed of as an ongoing series, I can’t see past the end of the current book. It has been in production since 2007. ATC is a trilogy until it’s done. I have to finish it; I can’t move on with my life until I do. I can not see or plan for what comes after it until I, myself, am after it. I am Ahab. Creative fatigue and financial stress have really put the zap on me. My costs are fixed. My freelance income is not. Freelance is a fickle beast – on the one hand pants are optional on the other the work commands and utterly exhausts the creative impulse. I am asking you to buy time. The more you pledge the more time I’ll have to spend on ATC instead of some hungrier thing. The faster this particular leg of the project isĀ done the faster we’ll get to see what comes next.

With your help there will be a next. Read More →