Page one of a two-page spread. The back and front are complete; the middle is on the next page and I haven’t started on that yet. As with previous two-page spreads I’ll show off the whole uncropped thing when the second page goes live, which should be next weekend. It’s really something – I haven’t done a spread like this or a sequence like this ever, and the fact that the framing turned out nicely ups the pressure on doing a good job on the rest of it.

I retconned the new Rhodhe font into the previous page, so it technically debuted there though this is the page I was facing when I realized it was going to be less effort to create a font for the scene than it would be to rely on hand lettering. I used the previous page as a baseline and generated the character set from scratch on the night of July 3rd, and turned it into a useable-for-this-scene-anyway font with a few hours of effort. I swear the damned thing just appeared – I haven’t been In The Zone like that in quite awhile!

The effort has already paid off, too – I can’t imagine how long it would have taken to create the rising tide of Rhodhe in the background by hand. I can’t imagine it actually saying anything of value, either – while the bits in the foreground are actually relevant and are words relevant to the scene, the background text is a whole lot of lipsum. It wasn’t in the original script – the effect was unthinkable when all Rhodhe was envisioned to be hand lettering. Now it’s not only thinkable, I’m thinking of expanding on it and turning it into a thing. Which kinda defeats the purpose of carefully writing around language in the story but hey it MIGHT BE COOL DAMMIT.

If you want to see a screenshot of the entire nearly-final character set you can follow ATC on Facebook.

Next week: the right half of the spread! The actual inside of Thad’s head! More squiggly writing, the full full-bleed spread, and hopefully some idea as to whether or not I’ll be eating this month! Stay tuned!

From the ATC Production Blog:

Untapped Potential

16:41 < ejp> YouTube: Xiki: Can your shell console do this?
16:41 < xeno> >_<
16:41 < ejp> I have no idea how I feel about this
16:42 < solios> oh my god that guy is loud as hell and has a voice that should not be doing audio work
16:43 < solios> (like 98% of videos)
16:43 < ejp> oh yeah, there’s that
16:43 < ejp> I didn’t notice the loud
16:43 < solios> seriously folks just give me a transcript and twenty bucks and I’ll make you a non-shitty audio track
16:43 < ejp> …
16:43 < ejp> have you looked into that?
16:43 < ejp> because seriously
16:43 < solios> it just occurred to me
16:43 < ejp> GO GO GO
16:44 < solios> hm!

Qualifications: A few months interning at a radio station in the late 90s and years and years of people telling me I have a radio voice. Which is a thing I do have. If you don’t then you can totally pay me to have one for you. Laconic AM radio late night Jazz DJ voice instead of the sneering veneer of sarcasm and/or superiority it seems like every software tutorial video has. Make your tutorial sound as good as you know it is. Only four easy payments of $19.95. Act now, supplies are limited!

Disclaimer: My home audio recording equipment is garbage.