This page was finished almost two weeks ago. I finished 3.38 early this morning and will be setting up to pencil 3.39 through 3.41 later this afternoon – depending on shot comps and shader choices for the last three pages of the chapter this could be it for line art. The chapter remains on the home stretch. If this week plays out the way last week did I hope to be working on 3d assets and/or the script next Sunday.

While I’ll be drawing and inking and cleaning up and shading this week I won’t be repeating the Pittsburgh Comicon – at least not until next year. A client who’s been commissioning me since 2008 wanted to meet up and the con seemed like a good place for it – this turned out to be true. We talked for five hours straight while shopping for comics (and a Portable Merc for me) and the brain-nullifying Con Anxiety that has messed me up for years never made a peep. That’s the first time that’s happened!

I came away with plenty to think about; most of it relating to hardcopy, asset development and production values. More on that at a later date; I’m going to go ahead and post. A good-sized chunk of last Sunday went into a combined blurbing and freakout – I had a meltdown into the text editor and wound up editing extensively for content. Given the nature of that sort of thing I wound up having to do it a few times. My head’s in a much better place this week, thanks largely to the positive experience I had at the con on Friday. Thanks also to ignoring a lot of things that don’t like to be ignored for a week straight – that’s going to have consequences. Right now the consequences are manageable – a lot of non-urgent email to catch up on – but they could get out of hand in a hurry. Hence the push to get through as much of the chapter as I can while the time can be easily scheduled!

Next week: the first page with panels composed entirely of right angles since JUNE!

From the ATC Production Blog:

Untapped Potential

16:41 < ejp> YouTube: Xiki: Can your shell console do this?
16:41 < xeno> >_<
16:41 < ejp> I have no idea how I feel about this
16:42 < solios> oh my god that guy is loud as hell and has a voice that should not be doing audio work
16:43 < solios> (like 98% of videos)
16:43 < ejp> oh yeah, there’s that
16:43 < ejp> I didn’t notice the loud
16:43 < solios> seriously folks just give me a transcript and twenty bucks and I’ll make you a non-shitty audio track
16:43 < ejp> …
16:43 < ejp> have you looked into that?
16:43 < ejp> because seriously
16:43 < solios> it just occurred to me
16:43 < ejp> GO GO GO
16:44 < solios> hm!

Qualifications: A few months interning at a radio station in the late 90s and years and years of people telling me I have a radio voice. Which is a thing I do have. If you don’t then you can totally pay me to have one for you. Laconic AM radio late night Jazz DJ voice instead of the sneering veneer of sarcasm and/or superiority it seems like every software tutorial video has. Make your tutorial sound as good as you know it is. Only four easy payments of $19.95. Act now, supplies are limited!

Disclaimer: My home audio recording equipment is garbage.