Page 653: Fire -17-

A vast improvement over the last time West did something similar. He’s not initiating FTL this time around so visual continuity isn’t an issue, fortunately.

A very straightforward transition – visual distortion; cut to exterior shot, viewing angle ramps up while the Daedalus rockets into white, which jump cuts to a jump flare in earth orbit. You’ll see the ship that’s generating the light show on the next page, which should hopefully be up in a week or two. Maybe later. I can’t give a better estimate as of this writing – this is the last of a render buffer generated in September of last year; I’m currently behind on commissions and need to get caught up before I push ATC forward. The next page will be the first completely new work of 2016! Stay tuned!

Blog: TV.4 Production Status Update: Fire rules!

Heh heh heh. Yeah. It rules.

When I produced the cover for Fire it was one of two ATC-related things standing in the way of new pages. The other thing was the script, and at the time it was easier to produce the cover. Around the time the cover went live the weather improved, and for the remainder of April Pittsburgh experienced a very brief spring, lurching from a frigid, sloppy winter into what seems to be a sweltering, soggy summer at high speed. During that time I wrote the script, laid it out. and got all forty pages of the chapter ready for production. There were a lot of steps involved in that process – steps that had previously been performed a page at a time, then a scene at a time. I think this is the first I’ve prepared an entire chapter for production in one go, and as of this writing almost the entire thing is ready for rendering. Read More →