Website Version 15

Website Version 14.2

20190318 – Removed email address from footer.

20180420, 07:14 – Acknowledgment of minor CSS updates to correct for the removal of comments several weeks ago, as well as a minor CSS edit to correct a formatting issue in the blog.

Blog content has been extensively curated. A number of posts have been set to draft status. I’m loath to remove anything with comments from the database, but… pretty much every surviving post prior to the completion of the second edition of The Dualist is talking about work on the second edition of The Dualist and that’s quite a lot of extraneous content the site can do without.

20171126, 07:45 – Minor theme updates to disable comments. Back-end updates to disable comment blacklist updater and the increasingly invasive captcha plugin. This has reduced the number of database hits on pages that were comment capable for the past few months.

20170717, 15:40 – CSS revisions to comic archive pages, glossary archives, and associated search templates.

20170716, 20:46 – Added a “recent edits” box to the bottom of the front page. The new loop queries comic pages, glossary topics, and cast members.

20170715, 17:50 – Added support for Character Portraits to the Cast section. The initial batch of portraits was posted to the ATC Patreon Page; any future portraits will debut there as well. Also made a few minor adjustments to CSS.

Website Version 14.1

20170331, 15:53 – A major under-the-hood update that should improve search appearance or at least minimize some errors in Google Webmaster Tools. Changes include but are not limited to CSS tweaks, better (more accurate) support for Structured Data, better (more accurate) support for multi-page archive direction for crawlers, a fairly extensive bit of code cleanup, and the return of commenting capability. Comments now have reCAPTCHA v2 support, and the current comment code will remain active until further notice.

Worth noting here: when I added the site to Google Webmaster Tools I also installed a redirect plugin, and have made a substantial number of entries, including a few Regular Expressions. A number of broken links have been fixed, and will continue to be fixed as they pop up in logs. Links to the old Movable Type RSS feed are now directing to the WordPress RSS feed, and recent-ish changes in the comic URL structure should be more or less self-correcting.

Website Version 14

20170122, 20:44 – Fixed a minor spacing issue with the previous page link.

20170121, 14:56 – The comic container now has a min-height in viewports 1160px or wider.

20170120, 21:29 – The archive link in the header of comic pages now matches the archive links of chapter listings.

20170118, 19:59 – Fixed several validation errors.

20170113, 23:12 – Post-deployment cleanup. Replaced the ATC Regular web font and made some design changes to make things look better on Windows, filtered the comic switcher so that it only shows up on comic pages, dropped the background gradient in IE, swapped out the favicon, and revised the footer menu. I also edited the size of various ATC Regular glyphs and fixed a couple of minor responsive issues.

20170113 – An extensive overhaul, including but not limited to:

  • New design, evolved from the old design. The menu has been moved into the footer; hover events and drop-downs are no longer a thing.
  • The header title area has new functionality.
  • The ATC Regular web font has a couple of new glyphs. The classic “ate” logo has been added, as have the two states of the “switcher” icon.
  • Comic pages have been upgraded from 720 pixels wide to 780 pixels wide.
  • All edits performed in November and December of 2016 have been applied to the live site. See the Comic Changelog for details.
  • Comic relational tags have been fleshed out.
  • The website is now reasonably responsive – it’s not perfect, but fixed widths are on their way out. It’s legible and looks good down to 600 pixels wide, which is the original web resolution of comic pages.
  • CSS has been extensively overhauled.
  • Comments are no longer a thing.
  • Cast and Glossary entries with relational tags that match any comic page now feature a link to the First Appearance of that cast member or glossary topic.
  • There’s a bit of Javascript in the far left of the header and in the footer that will flip comic pages from their natural or responsively-scaled height to a “fit to viewport” height – this requires support for the CSS3 calc function. The intention is to reduce scrolling and increase readability. If comic pages already fit on your screen (4k displays, a 1920×1080 display in portrait mode), this feature may degrade image quality. The “switcher,” as I’ve been calling it, is only visible on comic pages, covers, and the front page.
  • Post format support has been enabled for the Glossary, allowing for conditionals to emphasize specific images and to enable gallery support.
  • Galleries use lightSlider, and it’s only loaded on the pages that use it.
  • Slick is no longer used for chapter thumbnails on comic pages. This has reduced the number of database queries on comic pages.
  • For the time being, Project Wonderful ad boxes have been removed.