A first-generation GNOMES-powered high endurance long duration escort capable of entering atmosphere and returning to space, the Barghosa AF-72 Valkyrie is an advanced missile and gun platform designed to operate just about anywhere. The Pollux deploys Valkyries with tail numbers TAC-EC 29 and TAC-EC 40 as escorts for the Oberon.

Development Notes: The Valkyrie is fan art of the (much larger) Saab 35 Draken, with conformal fuel tank designs inspired by the Israeli variant of the F-16. The distinctive fuselage shape is fully visible in the 2015 blog post that showcases the model. As its appearance in Fire consisted solely of long shots, a minimal approach was taken: unlike most airframes developed for ATC the model lacks an interior (cockpit) or landing gear and is very much WYSIWYG.