Daedalus: Compartment A1

The bridge of a Javelin-type spacecraft, Compartment A1 contains four modular command stations for crew and two folding jump seats for crew or passengers. Aboard the Daedalus, the stations are configured for engineering, co-pilot, pilot, and communications. Pilot and co-pilot stations have access to the Jumpnet and weapons, while the engineering station features a module that allows for manual positioning of the secondary engines. The communications console is a “base” command module, capable of most of the functions of the other stations but lacking specialized hardware.

The bridge is a very long, narrow space, more akin to a tractor trailer cab or an attic crawlspace than the command spaces of larger spacecraft such as the Cheops or the Sabrosa. It is the only spacecraft interior to feature ashtrays – two, on the center console.

Development Notes: The bridge was the fourth interior compartment to be developed, after A5, A2, and C1. It is a very difficult space to shoot in – easily the most difficult environment in the entire comic. The 3d design retains the approximate spacing of the 2d appearance, though the displays are upgraded from CRTs to LCDs. No explanation is given and the 2d pages aren’t retconned, which makes for some serious visual continuity errors. More effort was put into retaining the shape of the Airbase – it was quickly realized than an accurate adaptation of the 2d bridge to a 3d space wasn’t going to fit inside the available volume, so the design was adapted to fit inside the outside instead of the other way around.

The screen contents in Earth are very detailed – see here or here. It was decided that this approach was unnecessarily high effort and the bridge “theme” was changed from “Naomi’s preferences” to “John’s preferences” between Earth and Water. The change is lampshaded in Water -18-.