The Astra is the first production model Type 47 Heirotus Colonial Authority warship. A bigger, beefier, more lethal version of the Sabrosa, the Astra features longer range, heavier weaponry, a much larger flight deck with armored bay doors, a more diverse air wing, and much less cargo space.

Development Notes: The Astra had a long development cycle with a lot of downtime. The base hull was developed in the middle of 2009. The hull was then revisited in 2013, extensively revised, and then finalized. The design direction was to “build a better Sabrosa,” and that objective was achieved. Like the Castores, the ship was textured with decals applied over seamlessly repeating hull maps, a design decision that works well for what is seen in the story. Production shots also make use of an ambient occlusion pass, which adds detail that is part of the textures of other vehicle designs.