20120831, 23:44 – Not gonna make the incept-of-production anniversary. The first DCR strip was posted August 31, 2012 – I can’t remember if the post date was retconned or not. I do know that the first drawn strip went up 2005.09.03, and as the placeholder cover I’m cooking up at the moment technically has some line art in it, I suppose that counts. Or something. Temp cover will be up September 01, and it’ll probably be the entire ATC art output for the month. Projects, deadlines, commissions, stuff. I went totally OCD and spent a huge chunk of the last two weeks on ATC, so things need to even out for a bit!

Oh yeah. This page is a retcon. Can’t post the book cover at the end of the story, it’ll blow the previous/next all to heck. So regardless of when this thing is finished, it’ll exist in the CMS at a post date prior to 2010.02.02 @ 18:34.

The color books and chapters three through five of DCR all started with covers – chapters one and two didn’t as they were originally strips, and unlike The Dualist and Transitional Voices, the book has never had a “proper” cover.

Until now!

This is a temporary cover – the real thing will hopefully come along later. The comp uses the same Polygon Poop fisheye tutorial as provision -24-, and is a good interim solution until I can come up with a proper zinger for publication.

There’s no rush, fortunately – the plan for the time being is to get the chapters produced as issues first and see how that goes.

20120901, 00:50 – Yep, not makin’ the deadline. Waiting on one more render, 45% complete. Zoom!

01:44 – Holy crap, the moon. Also, done and starting web processing. Barring typos and a print cover, DCR is functionally complete! :D

Mastering notes, 2016.12.31 – New cover, created a few weeks ago for the solstice CBZ. It’s a wrap-around, with Aleph on the back!

2019.05.19 – Here’s the placeholder cover for reference, as it’s talked about in detail above: