20100121 (11) – Slight tweak – the shirt logo wasn’t visible in all previous iterations. It’s been added to the front-on shots of Whitehouse in panels eight and ten.

20100201 (1) – Very, very late start today… and diving in with one of the bigger pages instead of taking a run at something easier. The rewrite is a bit wordier than the original – and it’s a lot different. While most of the rest of the rewrite is just that – rewording, rephrasing, etc – the dialogue for this page was basically tossed and rewritten from scratch. There’s a good reason for that – this page originally laid groundwork for the mechanics of the story working out in a very different way than they actually will. It also stank of the gender identity issues that plagued ATC story development between 1997 and the point I finally decided to funnel all of that mess into Thad, enabling the other ‘chosen’ to have their own hang-ups.

Replacing that, we have PORN. Porn and late 90s removable media.

So, yeah – rewritten, minor art tweaks. Could have spent a lot more time tweaking the background, but I figure at this point it’s good to go.

20101225 – Original page metadata:

There’s nothing I can really say about this page that’ll make sense to anyone who isn’t familiar with the location, which doesn’t exist anymore. At least, not in this form.


2008.04.19 – Cropped and fixed – revised Whitehouse’s jawline, opaqued his glasses, etc.

20101225 – Original strip metadata:

Strip 019, 20050929

First crowd scene ever and holy crap is Whitehouse INTERACTING WITH HIS ENVIRONMENT?!!! Looks like it. Something I fake way too much – mostly because of that whole ‘can’t draw a straight line’ thing.

Also, the card stock I’m using for DCR bleeds like a bastard… so I’m probably going to start tapping the Good Stuff soon – that being the ATC bristol.

Strip 020, 20050930

Well, the crowd stuff actually seems to be working as I’d hoped it would. This is Good. :)

Also, I’m On Schedule – this is the last comic for the week and the first one that non-IRC users are going to see. Keep in mind that this isn’t The Dualist – there’s no starting in the middle with fully developed everything. I’m starting right before the beginning and building. Hoorah.

DCR’s a lot more like a regular comic strip than most of the stuff I’ve worked on in the past, and as such it is To Be Ph34r3d.

For those who aren’t big on Curtis – relax, he’ll be the first member of the cast to graduate.

Addendum – To clarify a meatspace query, Whitehouse is beating up on War Gods, as opposed to Tekken or Metal Slug. It’s a year early for Marvel Vs. Capcom – probably the most popular quatermonster in the history of the breakroom.

If memory serves, Puzzle Bobble (one of the other games that came up during the conversation) didn’t pop up until shortly after the time this story arc takes place.

Strip 021, 20051003

The strip for Monday… completed 20050931 at 2013. How’s that for working ahead?

When you’re this broke, there ain’t much else to do – and I’ve just now run myself out of excuses to put off working on ATC. Woot.

Not sure why I keep drawing Whitehouse with Raven’s hair. The obvious answer would be “I’m limited.”

Of course, I’m still adapting to the DCR groove. I’m assuming I’ll get Whitehouse’s hair sorted out in short order (read: eventually).

Strip 022, 20051004

Really starting to stretch the crowd thing here…. as well as the layout/composition. While I ran a two paneler for pacing reasons, I’d like to think that the composition underscores the density of the crowd: the break room could get packed at times.

Done the same afternoon as this ATC page. I was going to keep plunking along with The Dualist, but I’m working on jack shit for sleep (and food) and figured it’s probably a good idea to Work Ahead as far as possible with DCR…. though I’m not technically going to need a “buffer” until the end of the month, I doubt I’ll have the time to build one up then. So.


  • Jason Whitehouse’s redneck roommate. Curtis isn’t a terribly complex individual, and is in many was the archetypical art student – interests include but are not limited to video games, anime, Star Trek, tabletop gaming...

  • The Don of the local Mac Mafia, Sean has access to or knowledge about every single piece of Apple equipment and all Mac software in the school. He’s more than willing to share his...

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