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20100130 (1c) – A quick check reveals the last panel as a possible concern re: Carlow signage. A closer examination reveals that it’s technically illegible – my brain knows what it actually looks like so it’s filling the missing bits in, or something.

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Another horrible case of patience – this is one of the earliest scenes to be written, drafted around the same time I was producing Whitehouse’s lunch with Heinrich.


2008.04.19 – This page cropped quite nicely. Like it was designed for it, or something.

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Strip 111, 20070907

Don’t you just hate when that happens?

00:15 <@bda> solios: DCR++
00:16 < solios> <3
00:16 < solios> like that one, eh?
00:16 < Slip> awww
00:16 < Slip> so cute.
00:16 < Slip> brings back memories
00:17 < solios> O_o

Strip 112, 20070910

We’ll be getting to the “what” throughout the rest of the book.

Also. Upstage Nation? Good, LOUD music. The crowd is about what you’d expect for a Sunday (read: the usual southside otherwise-rednecks plus a few oldskool Upstage regulars), but the music is mostly pretty sweet. Points off for playing KMFDM twice… though the deduction stems from a guest DJ playing post-Symbols KMFDM, so it’s forgiveable.

For a Select Few, panel four is both a jab and a joke. For everyone else, it’s just plain old Plot. Gotta love those double entendres.

Strip 113, 20070911

One of the reasons for using tweaked photos for backgrounds in DCR – This. Is. Pittsburgh. Specifically, Oakland, between the Upstage and Craft Avenue. Whitehouse is stomping into the Allegheny County Health Department parking lot.

Fun fact: I did this shoot back in 2006 at the correct time of day and year (summer, ~0530), back when I thought banging out DCR would be a breeze.

Strip 114, 20070912


Visual continuity glitch: that’s the current Carlow logo (the “Umbrella Corp.” version), not the one they were using in the 90s. Like anyone outside of Pittsburgh would notice, right? :)


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