20100121 (16) – Removed Salon Nu Vo logo from panels 9 and 12.

20100130 (8) – A couple of minutes into the 31rst, actually – but almost all of the work was done on the 30th, so. Rewrite-wise… wordier. So. Much. Wordier. Not as wordy as the next page, but man – look at those GIANT PILES OF WORDS. At least, unlike -13-, it all fits.

20101225 – Original page metadata:

In 1997, only the rich suit types had cel phones. Everyone else was still using pagers.


2008.04.19 – All glory to the minor glasses cleanup.

20101225 – Original strip metadata:

Strip 070, 20060709

“Break” is something of a misnomer, in that this section of the story only deals with part of the gap between Spring and Summer quarters… but it’s about as accurate as it gets, really.

Strip 071, 20060710

Don’t you just hate waking up in the mens room? I know I do.

Sign of the times: in 1997, everybody had pagers. Specifically, the big-pants and stupid visor ravers, the ghettobeasts and the homies. Cell phones hadn’t reached prole pricing yet.

And the date is accurate – June 11th was a Wednesday. iCal++.

Strip 072, 20060711

Well, it ain’t fuckin’ Shakespeare, that’s fer shure. It is a transitional strip done at 4 in the morning, though – and I can’t think of a better time to do the unfun-but-necessary bits.

Panels 2-4 were part of the DCR Background Shoot I did on 20060707 – downtown, during rush hour, during the weekend of the allstar game*. That I managed to get reasonably empty shots in the location in question – close to ground zero – is something of a fluke.

* If memory serves, that game gets played the day this strip is supposed to go live (the 11th).

Strip 073, 20060712

On a four-per-page count, dropping all static and squelch after the first two strips, this is the end of page fifteen. Woot!

Mastering notes, 2016.12.07 – Name change. Whitehouse’s VP instructor is now MacMillan, and is not abbreviated.


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Glossary Articles

  • Pager

    Pagers are a form of telecommunications hardware in common use in Pittsburgh in the late 1990s.