20130512, 12:35 – Drawn on the 11th, cleaned up and shaded this morning. At this point, planned for posting on the 18th, though that could easily change. If that doesn’t change, then this is the first “buffer” page I’ve had in … possibly ever.

Panel four – Dyluck is very much not visible from this camera angle. Which is why the shot uses this angle, and not another one. My attitude towards line art in this scene should be pretty obvious by now – put in a positive sense, there are simply no superfluous characters in a shot.

20120518, 04:20 – ATC, Corn & Green Beans edition! As a change (improvement?) from last weekend, I’ll be saving the blogging/brain dump for the next page, scheduled for Sunday. At this point the chapter is almost one third complete – pages five, six and seven are ready to post and I’m taking a break from shading page eight to post this. It’s been done for a few days now – this schedule thing has its merits, though as yet I’ve had no time to work on environmental assets for the last chunk of the chapter. At this point I’m planning on two-page weekends through the first third, stepping down to one per weekend until I figure out what to do about that. The work could go quickly, it could be another stinking hellslog like the one that held this scene up for five months. I doubt it – for the moment I’ve got my shit together, and if I can keep it that way (which frankly doesn’t seem at all likely) this should just be a matter of planning.

That’s a June and later problem, really. In the meantime, enjoy the color-coded dialogue. More tomorrow!


  • Addicaine N-6 Alias Aza’hel is far and above the most powerful telekinetic talent of the N series, and is to date the only “Chosen” to be successfully sequenced by the Addicaine Program. Deeply intuitive,...

  • A being with a talent for astral projection, possessing some form of teleportation ability. Dyluck incarnated as Thaddeus Gallahad and remained in a dormant state until Awoken in 1997. Thad’s cognitive dissonance forced her...

Glossary Articles

  • GAC-5623.8

    A gas giant somewhere between Earth and civilization, utterly unremarkable save for the recently dispersed orbital body the Sabrosa smacked into at the untimely end of an otherwise textbook BTS jump.

  • Sabrosa

    Heirotus capital ship prototype 47 (HX-47) Sabrosa is the testbed for several technologies incorporated in the Type 47 class of Heirotus Colonial Authority warships, in mass production at the time of The Dualist. The...