The passage of time, represented by the volume and location of spirits. Spagnola and T-72 150ml Smooth Bore Vodka in this case. I’ll admit I didn’t put a terribly large amount of work into the label, but if I play my composition cards right, this should be the only page it shows up on. If it is, then it’s good enough – hell, as a dialogue free page, most people aren’t going to spend more than a few seconds ingesting it.

The vodka bottle is modeled after an artillery shell – hence the cap.

Strip 183 – Still Life With Gin.

Strip 184 – Still Life With Vodka.

Strip 185 – Bad Art Panel (4). Gah. At least the rest of it works. I’m sure you’ve had at least one morning like this – pretty much everyone over the age of 21 has. THE PAIN!

That’s it for now – my sister’s in town for a couple more days, I have a few “chores” and some freelance to catch up on, then it’ll be time to model the next environment. Can’t cheap out on this one – fortunately, it’s not horribly complicated. Or shouldn’t be, anyway! :D

20100903.14:12 – CSS glitch ironed out with some help from Eric. Blockquoting of strip commentary now extends back to the operative -5-. Integrating the metadata for older strips is something I may do in the future, though that ultimately depends on what I wind up doing with the DCR website.


  • The older and more experienced of the two agents assigned observational duties in Pittsburgh, Jesse has specialized in Remote Viewing and intuitive information gathering – skills that are particularly useful in the target-rich swamp...

  • The king of social engineering, the crown prince of noise, and a self-described “Post-American Electro-Snob.” Jason has a deep interest in industrial, electronic, ambient, metal and gothic music, and a well-researched interest in radio...

Glossary Articles

  • Apartment 608

    A unit on the “inside of the L” of Allegheny Center Building Seven, Apartment 608 is home to Jason Whitehouse and his roommate Curtis. While most one-bedroom apartments have three art students apiece, Apartment...