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Strip 161 – In space, no one can hear you scream. Outside of the posters for Alien and the occasional scene of Firefly, we all know that’s a damned lie – The Rule Of Cool means we’re stuck with sound in space far more often than we are incidental music or the shocking background woosh of tinnitus. Point of fact, if this were a scene in an OVA or cartoon series, the suits would be squawking like The Crimson Lance.

Strip 162 – IT’S A SPACE CUBE


  • The king of social engineering, the crown prince of noise, and a self-described “Post-American Electro-Snob.” Jason has a deep interest in industrial, electronic, ambient, metal and gothic music, and a well-researched interest in radio...

Glossary Articles

  • Arvak-class Transport

    The Arvak class transport is the fleet backbone of the Interstellar Transit Authority. A relatively short range transport designed for hauling humans and cargo from station to station, the Arvak type is solid, reliable,...

  • MBO-2

    An object removed from MBO-1 by Aleph Stevens in the early 1960s, MBO-2 is initially assumed to be some sort of flight data recorder. According to Brandon James the enclosure is opaque to conventional...