Raven Lockheart, Reciter of Sales Brochures. Vastly more information than is necessary, to be sure – hence the “nerd” crack from Tantek… which leads to a backstory point. Bonus.

This chapter has entirely too much exposition. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed!

Pretty as I’ve made it look, the Loki is still pixellated as hell. You can’t see it webscale, but trust me – it’s pixelated. For whatever reason, the original-original render just refused to manifest in a timely fashion with the pretty turned on, so (as I recall), I tried smearing the heck out of it to pretty it up. Replacing it – and keeping the same “high humidity” look – would simply be far more work than is warranted at this point. Maybe when everything is done, if I feel like I absolutely have to… then maybe. Maybe.

This one teeters right on the edge of “should be replaced” and “but I can live with it.”

I’m fine with that.

ICG is Interstellar Cartography Group. Pretty sure I’ve mentioned that elsewhere, but this is a page that’ll be sitting up top for awhile, so if you’re new you might be curious about the acronym. They maintain a Jane’s*/Wikipedia-style database of profiles and basic characteristics of every vehicle type ever launched by anybody. While updates lag behind quite a bit, the general database is quite comprehensive.

While it’s often put to military and hobbyist use, the primary purpose of the ICGSD is a simple one: No, that is not a UFO outside your window. It’s a [insert database match] or possibly a [list of nearest matches]. Maybe a modified [kind of matches but not quite]. There may very well be sexy green women on board – but they’re gonna be metahumans.

So chill out, spaceman.

* I’d say wikipedia and leave it that, but I’m fortunate to have a dad who’s up on these things. Though I think he only mentioned the book once or twice in my teens.


  • A former United States Army Ranger, Tantek has been with Thule Garrison since the Waking God Protocols field trials of the mid 1990s. He works well with Raven Lockheart, typically functioning as muscle though...

  • A South Jersey punk with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Templar-forged Master’s degree for field work, Raven posed as a high school guidance councillor during the early stages of the Waking God...

Glossary Articles

  • Airbase

    The Airbase, located deep in the Australian outback of Earth 2.0, is home to the crew of the Daedalus and the resting place of the Heirotus FTL test platform Epiphany. Defenses include automated turrets,...

  • Epiphany

    A Pecora class star freighter used for early Heirotus BTS tests. Presumed destroyed during a premature BTS discharge event in January 1968, though no wreckage was recovered. Status upgraded to “missing” after captain and...

  • U-238 (Loki)

    The Barghosa Aerospace Utility Aerospacecraft Model 238 (U-238 or “Loki”) is an airframe that sucks well at everything. While inferior to purpose-built attack, transport, electronic warfare and even cargo vehicles, the fact that the...